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No options on the left-side bar on the main page for the last few hours

Cenk Kemal Haznaci 3 years ago in Home Portal updated 3 years ago 2
I have just started the day in Canada, and our team in Turkey reports to me that they cannot use XTRF for the last few hours. I checked and I get the same problem. Please see the screenshot below.

Does anybody else experience the same problem?


It seems like a very rare occurrence at the server's end. Your XTRF has been restarted. Everything back to normal.

In such cases, please refer to Helpdesk or your XTRF representative for quickest response. 

Under review

Getting Across Project Data in XTRF

It is a general question. We get regularly via the Across server multilingual translation projects. Actually, all the handling of the files and the allocation of tasks is done on the Across server, but we enter the data in XTRF manually again because we manage all our production information there. Has anyone the same situation and a better solution to avoid entering manually all admin data? We have a similar situation with a large client using SDL World server.


SAML and domain support

Jorge Villafuerte 3 years ago in Home Portal updated by Marcin Jakubowski 2 years ago 6

Do you have in your roadmap to support SAML or LDAP to integrate XTRF to a federated identity system?

Also do you have any plans to improve access rights table since it does not work really well when restricting permissions.


Default vendor contact person


Is there any way to set the default vendor contact person when assigning to a vendor? It now seems that simply the first contact person in the list is chosen, which is not ideal. Maybe I'm overlooking something? 




Where do you upload files that don't belong in the pre-existing folders in a workflow?

Popie Matsouka 3 years ago in Home Portal updated by mark 3 years ago 3

Hi everyone,

I'm curious, do you utilize the existing folder structure in XTRF or did you create new directories too?

For example, if you want to keep one zip file with all of the client's handoff in one place (as is, for safekeeping), where do you put it in the workflow directories?

Or, another example, say you want to store a PDF that is the client's PO for you. Where do you keep that? None of the existing "Input files" folders is appropriate for this.

Did you make new folders for your company, or did you adjust your needs to this particular set of folders?

And, last but not least, how do you handle "Master memories" for specific end-clients? For example, say you have one master TM for an end-client, how does that get updated at the end of each project, so that it will be available for the next one, for all vendors?



Jobs due today widget on Dashboard


Is there a way to create a widget with a Smart View for the scope of Jobs? Specifically we would like to create a widget with information corresponding to the view Project > Jobs > Jobs due today.

Is this possible?




Locking receivables in tasks which are invoiced in third-party system

Krisztián Király 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 3 years ago 2

Hello everyone!

A happy new year to you!

I wonder if anyone has experience with integrating third-party invoicing solutions into XTRF.

Since Hungarian jurisdiction doesn’t enable us to use the in-built invoicing of XTRF, we turned to a third-party service. We managed to build a connector and information is exported on a task by task basis. The third-party service can also call back and write information into custom fields, like invoice numbers, for example.

One problem posed by this solution is that we don’t create any invoices in XTRF, thus the invoiced receivables are not locked, and the already invoiced items can be modified later, which is causing problems in our workflows.

The XTRF dev team recommended to use a periodic job to create dummy invoices, but when we delete an invoice from the third-party system, we would need to remove the affected tasks from the dummy invoices as well, which is not possible using this solution.

In short, we would need a method to lock receivables based on invoices in a third-party system.

Did any of you encounter similar issues before? Would having this option help you with your implementation?

Many thanks for your input in advance.



How to map TEP to memoQ in a smart project?

Jaime Zuniga 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated 3 years ago 1

How are others dealing with adding a TEP step in memoQ-integrated smart projects? As far as I can tell, the memoQ-mapped steps are already configured and cannot be changed like they can in classic projects.

I am looking to create a TEP step in a smart project that integrates with memoQ so that I can get automatic payables created for my TEP vendors based on the automatic CAT Receivables.

Any ideas welcome!




Integration between XTRF and a client-based XTM installation

Tino Hother 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Serena 3 years ago 4

Dear xtrf team,

XTRF seems to have a good integration with XTM. According to your knowledge base this integration works with xtrf as the triggering party, meaning that a quote or project created in xtrf triggers the creation of a project in XTM. We would like to know if that integration can also be used the other way round, meaning a quote created in the XTM installation of our client automatically triggers a quote in our XTRF system.

Kind regards,