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Where can I add my terms of service for the clients?

SBWC 11 months ago in Client Portal • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 11 months ago 2


I would like to add the Terms of Service to XTRF, so that my client can access it at any moment if need be.

Right now we added these to our quote templates, but this is getting quite heavy on the quotes.

Maybe you already have a solution for this?

I know you can put a SLA in the Vendor Portal, so maybe there is an equivalent for Clients?

Thanks in advance


Client Portal: After submitting a quote, be able to change it

Angelo 1 year ago in Client Portal • updated by mark 1 year ago 7

This is a suggestion for improvement.  Clients, and their bosses, need to be able to modify a quote after submitting it.  


How does client offices affect invoicing (creating offices/sub accounts from existing clients)?

Meghan Cooper 1 year ago in Client Portal • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 7 months ago 15

What happens regarding invoicing if we make it so that a current separate client in XTRF now becomes an office (which is a sub-account from what I understand) or a parent client? (We had treated what are technically just branches of the same company as separate clients in XTRF). Is there only one invoicing data section (and contact to be assigned) which would apply to the overall client, or can this be tweaked on a per-branch basis? 

We are trying to clean up to more closely reflect how our clients are structured, but this may mean adjusting their structure in our accounting system as well.


How to make a custom field available in client portal?

kay.feng 5 months ago in Client Portal • updated 5 months ago 7

I created a custom field, and made sure the option "Available for Client Portal" was ticked, but still can't make it available in the client portal? Am I missing any setting?

The custom field has to be populated to be visible. It's available at the top of a project's card. The one below is a text field "Disclaimer for Project".

When empty, the title of the field is gone.


Can we make it possible for a client to continuously add files to a project through the Client Portal?

Dionna Masciola 9 months ago in Client Portal • updated by Jussi Rautio 4 months ago 8

Say you have a client that has an ongoing project. They will be conducting interviews and continuously receiving the recordings over the course of 3 weeks. They need these recordings added to the same project. 


Day 1: client Launches a Project through the Client Portal and uploads 2 files

 - Our team starts the project, then 2 days later...

Day 3: the client has more files they need to upload to that same project

...but they can't. Is there a way we can make this happen, please?


Is it possible to create a direct link to the portal feedback form from a notification?

Thijs Senten 10 months ago in Client Portal • updated 9 months ago 4

In my delivery notifications I'd like to add a direct link to the feedback form in the portal.

It doesn't seem to have its own URL - is there a way to create such a direct link, resulting in the popup being opened and ready to use?

(Btw, I'm not interested in the survey as an alternative - it needs to be this form.)



Customized invoice

Ali 1 month ago in Client Portal • updated by Marek Joniec (XTRF Product Manager) 1 month ago 1


I need to know how to customize the clients's invoice template if some of them has a preferred one or has some specific items to appear in the invoice

please let me know how to do it



Hi Ali

To customize the document template you need to change the .rtpdesign file and upload it back to the XTRF as a new template.

Here you can find an instruction.

Regarding the document template customization we can do it for you as an additional service, in that case, please contact our support or your Customer Success Manager.

You can also do it on your own but please be aware that modification of the template file might require some coding knowledge.

Here you can find an instruction that might help.

Best regards,



Customer portal - how much information is awailable

Kaspars Klavins 4 months ago in Client Portal • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 3 months ago 1

Hello! Is there a possibility for a customer to see how much is charged for what tasks in a project? Now I see only total sum and cannot find any details.


GET /quotes/count filtered with many statuses

JarJak 10 months ago in Client Portal • updated by Dariusz Gołąb 10 months ago 2

Following the docs:

I can pass multiple statuses in query.

However when I make request to:

Then I get 404 Not Found, instead of expected 200.

Passing single status works fine and gives 200:


Am I doing something wrong or docs are bad?


Sending multiple values of CustomField in Quote Request

JarJak 10 months ago in Client Portal • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 10 months ago 2

How can I send couple of values of "multiple selection" Custom Field in Quote Request, using either Customer or Home Portal API? I can see that "value" accepts only strings, not arrays?