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Vendor availability accuracy

Sancho Leath 4 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated 3 days ago 1

Vendor availability is a useful parameter for PMs when planning projects. Based on the productivity of each vendor and the assigned jobs, the remaining availability for the vendor is displayed as a graph or percentage. Has anyone else come across the following issues and are these bugs or is there a workaround?

  • If a job is accepted but does not specify a volume yet (e.g. project announced by customer without volume info), the availability of the vendor for the estimated time period of the job is completely blocked, i.e. the availability is down to 0%. The same is true for editing jobs that are specified/billed by the hour once the job is finished. Rather than completely blocking the vendor availability when the volume of the job is not known yet, the availability should either remain unaffected (until volume is entered for the job) or a more sophisticated indicator for unspecified volumes is used (color, pattern, asterisk, etc.).
  • Vacation days entered by vendors block the availability on those days. The current issue is that XTRF does not use calendar days (e.g. June 20) but hourly ranges (e.g. 00:01 to 23:59 of June 20) for this blocking action. Due to different time zones, one vacation day as entered by the vendor now registers as two vacation days in the Home Portal (e.g. June 20 and 21). I believe this is a known issue, as the time zone bug has been on the list for a long time. But since development seems to be driven by voting now, I wanted to get this out to the UE community.
Under review

Page refresh after canceling receivables and payables

Robrecht Belien 4 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 2 months ago 6


When hitting cancel in the receivables or payebles window a page refesh still occurs.

This was solved for the save button. It would be great if tis also gets resolved for the cancel button.


Smart project deletion

ramy 10 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 7 months ago 8

How can i delete a smart project ? 

When i tried to delete a project,  i received this message " Smart project can't be removed ".


Exporting margin per language

Robrecht Belien 10 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated by mark 6 months ago 11


SInce the question about the word count was answered in a great way. I have a similar question for the margin. (We are using smart projects) 

Would it be possible to create a VC on job level to get the margin for that language combination? This would help us checking the jobs. 

Currently we report on margin on project level as a workaround.


How to modify "Client" field when project has already been created

Innovalang 10 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated by Mikołaj Pastuszko (XTRF Lead UX Designer) 10 months ago 7

A project has been created and a wrong Client has been associated to the project.

Is there a way to modify the "Client" when the project has been created? 

Under review

actual start date for projects from quotes with jobs that are ready

Robrecht Belien 1 year ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated by WK Automotive 12 months ago 5


I have a question regarding the actual start date for a project that was started from a quote.

The current situation is: We receive a rfq, whe create a quote and some jobs in the process (file preparation jobs) need to be completed before we can do a wordcount and give the customer a price. So far so good. But when this client accepts this quote and places the order 5 days later. The project is created and the actual start date for that project is 5 days earlier. 

Shouldn't this date be the date that the customer places the order, or even better the date that the first action in the project is performed after the order is placed?



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File Categories

We have some projects that don't work well with the available XTRF file categories:

Some examples are transcription projects, voiceover projects, and subtitling projects. It would be great to have the option to edit these, but we don't. Does anyone else deal with projects that don't fit these file types? Do you use the "Other" category frequently?


Bilingual Document
CAT Analysis
CAT Package
CAT Package (Return)
Filtering Rules
Formatted Document
memoQ Light Resource
QA Report
Reference File
Segmentation Rules
Source Document
Source to be Prepared
Translated Document
Translation Memory


How to accept just one language in a quote with multiple languages

Naroa Lasarte 2 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated by Cori Alcorn 1 month ago 8

Is there a way to accept just one language in a multilingual project quote? Can I convert it to a project, but just selecting the languages I want to work on?


Display vendor specializations in smart view

Sancho Leath 8 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated by mark yesterday at 11:43 a.m. 10

I am trying to display the specializations of vendors in the smart view of vendors. I can get the Specializations criterion for the filter, but not as a column, which would show all the specializations of the vendors in the list. Am I missing something? Or is the column missing in this section of XTRF?

Under review

Change specialisation in Smart projects client portal requests

Robrecht Belien 11 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects • updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 7 months ago 8


Whe get quite a lot of requests from the client portal and the clients often indicate a completely incorrect specialisation. Currently we can't change it in the home portal.

Is there any way to change it?


Ok, so a quick solution is to change the quote status from Requested to Pending. It unlocks the languages & specialization dropdowns.