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System and user time zones

Sancho Leath 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Laura Jimenez 2 years ago 11

I could not find a UE thread or release note on this topic. Is anyone aware whether this issue has finally been fixed in the latest 8.x patches?

While the settings allow to differentiate between System and User time zones, this has not worked since its inception. Example: System time zone is the time zone of headquarters. User time zone varies depending on where the branches and vendors are located, or where you are currently working from if traveling. IP sets the User time zone. But to avoid confusion when working over several time zones, the System time zone is supposed to standardize time entries (project planning, deadlines, vacation planning, work logs, etc.).


Smart project deletion

ramy 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 8

How can i delete a smart project ? 

When i tried to delete a project,  i received this message " Smart project can't be removed ".


Exporting margin per language

Robrecht Belien 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by mark 3 years ago 11


SInce the question about the word count was answered in a great way. I have a similar question for the margin. (We are using smart projects) 

Would it be possible to create a VC on job level to get the margin for that language combination? This would help us checking the jobs. 

Currently we report on margin on project level as a workaround.


How to modify "Client" field when project has already been created

Innovalang 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Mikołaj Pastuszko 3 years ago 7

A project has been created and a wrong Client has been associated to the project.

Is there a way to modify the "Client" when the project has been created? 

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actual start date for projects from quotes with jobs that are ready

Robrecht Belien 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by WK Automotive 3 years ago 5


I have a question regarding the actual start date for a project that was started from a quote.

The current situation is: We receive a rfq, whe create a quote and some jobs in the process (file preparation jobs) need to be completed before we can do a wordcount and give the customer a price. So far so good. But when this client accepts this quote and places the order 5 days later. The project is created and the actual start date for that project is 5 days earlier. 

Shouldn't this date be the date that the customer places the order, or even better the date that the first action in the project is performed after the order is placed?



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File Categories

Katie 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Jesus Angel Morato Morato 1 year ago 5

We have some projects that don't work well with the available XTRF file categories:

Some examples are transcription projects, voiceover projects, and subtitling projects. It would be great to have the option to edit these, but we don't. Does anyone else deal with projects that don't fit these file types? Do you use the "Other" category frequently?


Bilingual Document
CAT Analysis
CAT Package
CAT Package (Return)
Filtering Rules
Formatted Document
memoQ Light Resource
QA Report
Reference File
Segmentation Rules
Source Document
Source to be Prepared
Translated Document
Translation Memory


vendor details available from project

Krijn 1 year ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Bogusław Reich (XTRF Product Owner) 1 year ago 4


when our PM are working on a project they sometimes have to contact translators. At the moment it is very difficult for them to access vendor details such as phone number. They actually have to open another XTRF in another window whicht is very cumbersome and not good for performance. Do you have any idea how this can be solved? If for example we could just click on the venodor name from the project that you then see vendor details such as phone number?


@Krijn, I see you posted this as a development idea on another forum (thanks!), so let the discusstion continues there and allow me to close the thread here.

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Questions about recent Automation webinar

Just watched the recorded webinar "Automation of the Translation Process" and had a few questions (possibly for Maciej):

  1. Number of Availability Days does not seem to be available for the Select Vendor popup view, correct? This is a great feature I was unaware of and I can reproduce it on the regular Vendor view, but not where it would be most useful (Select Vendor view in actual project).
  2. Job Offer page (hyperlink in Job Offer mail to vendors) does not show the Volume (source words) information that was entered to automate the approximate deadline. Is this a settings issue? The need for proposing an alternative deadline from the vendor side is already discussed elsewhere on this forum.
  3. Preferred Vendors on customer level is very useful. Any way of ranking such vendors? In the real world, you will have a pool of preferred vendors by client, but within that pool a prioritization is needed to make sure 1st choice is contacted first before the backup candidates.
  4. While there is the useful function to split a job, is there any way to merge jobs, e.g. that have been automatically split but will be handled by the same vendor (e.g. freelancers decline job and jobs are assigned to agency instead)?

I don't know how this was missed and I believe you found your answers long time ago, but to confirm:

  1. No, this filter is not available there, in the Select Vendor pop-up. The upcoming Vendor Workload overhaul should be helpful
  2. Volume is not meant for the Vendors. It is a Project-level attribute and would be irrelevant for any Vendor, whose work is not counted by the main calculation unit, or is just involved in a fraction of the general volume. 
  3. There is no ranking for preferred vendors, no. 
  4. There is no smart way to merge jobs. You need to reassign languages and delete the unused, empty job with no languages. If you have several jobs with different Payables, dates and statuses, merging them raises a ton of questions. 

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Custom fields in Smart Projects Process/Jobs

Jorge Villafuerte 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by mark 2 years ago 2

We were using some custom fields on the Job scope in Classic Projects, now in Smart Projects, there is not such fields. And neither there is an option in custom fields to add them to the Process/Jobs scope in Smart Projects.

Is there a workaround or a way to use the custom fields in Smart Projects for the jobs?



You are right, custom fields are not available / visible on Smart Project jobs. We don't really have a workaround these days.

There has been a discussion here, but not a particularly intense one.


Viewing vendor feedback when sending job offers

We want to find an easier way for PMs to view vendor feedback when sending job offers. However, PM feedback (both qualitative and quantitative) is specific to individual past jobs. 

Our current workarounds include:

- a Vendor Feedback View we created in Projects > Jobs (PMs find it cumbersome to use this additional view when searching for vendors)

- Inserting a column for vendor Notes in the views PMs use to send vendors job offers (in Vendors > Price Profiles)

Are there any other ways to get vendor feedback into the view PMs use when searching for vendors?