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Sharing Virtual Column Code

mark 1 year ago • updated by Wim 2 months ago 58

I'm just trying to find a place to share virtual column code...


Virtual Column / Custom Columns... are they consistent between implementations? Can we create a repository?

mark 1 year ago • updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 1 year ago 7

I've been thinking about virtual columns and how many I need to create, and how many others seem to need it also. There seems to be a lot of redundant work going on in this situation. So a few questions about this...

1) Are virtual column consistent among implementations? I mean, if I give someone my virtual column code, will it work on their system?

2) If so, would XTRF consider creating a library of virtual columns that we could access and use?

3) And would other users be interested in sharing and creating a code repository of some sort, that we could use and share among each other?

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Questions about how people use Report module

mark 1 year ago • updated 11 months ago 37

I am curious about the report module. I'm finding it very limited and only useful in very specific ways. Most of the time my reporting on XTRF data is about me creating custom project/quote/opportunity/Invoice views, exporting them for a time period, and manipulating in Excel. I'm finding the report module not so robust. 

I am wondering if I'm looking at the reporting module wrong and if I don't understand the capabilities? Or do other people have a similar experience?

And if you are having success using the report module, what are you using it for? What reports are you finding useful? Are they custom reports or built in?


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Trying to determine on-time delivery... "Actual delivery date and time" doesn't seem to fill...

mark 9 months ago • updated 9 months ago 3

We're trying to use XTRF to evaluate an on-time delivery metric. We can compare the project deadlines to the project close date. However, in many cases, the date a project is closed is different than when it was delivered. And if you go into an old project to change something, the project close date then updates. 

I started looking at "Actual delivery date and time" and realized that I have no data in this field. 

So two questions.

1) Do others have a metric of on-time delivery in XTRF? How do you do it?


2) What is the "Actual delivery date and time" supposed to track? Are we doing something wrong? Is this field not used in Smart Projects?


Change customers?

Ted 1 year ago • updated by Konrad Gorszczak 1 year ago 3

One of our PMs chose the wrong client when starting a project.  We didn't notice until the invoice was returned.  Is there any way I can change the customer?


Reviewing New Vendors

mark 5 months ago • updated 4 months ago 2

I'm wondering others' experiences with reviewing new vendors. We find that going through the vendor data is a tedious process and requires many clicks, opens, closes and requires about 10 minutes to review a single vendor, just because of the various tabs and data formats that need to be clicked. We ended up hiring someone to only review potential vendors, enter it into a seperate database, which then allows us to review their data, and make decisions on who to reject, and who to follow up with.

This process is much better now than before we were XTRF, but it's still very labor intensive, very time consuming, and we do much of the analysis outside of XTRF.  It seems to me that some interface tweaking, and with a few more features built for reviewing potential applicants, it could be much better.

What are other experiences with reviewing and managing vendors in XTRF? Do others have similar experiences?  

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Version 7.0 bugs... Question

mark 5 months ago • updated by Michal 5 months ago 7

When we identify a bug in version 7.0, is it being fixed for all instances, or one instance at a time?

And if we are all finding a few bugs here and there, should we all post them in one place so we can all look out for them and help identify if a bug is localized to one instance, or for everyone? This isn't for purposes of complaining, rather, I am afraid that I am not going to find all issues, and would love a little hive mind to help us all make sure we're not sending out incorrect information. Thoughts?


Work Log Not Logging Out...

mark 6 months ago 0

We have the work log module that we thought gives an imperfect yet somewhat adequate overview of approximate PM time spent on projects. But I was looking at our logs and we seem to be having an issue. 

One of our PMs keeps project tabs open and at times doesn't come back to them. The work log settings as an option for "Time required to determine that user is offline (in minutes)". 

We assumed that it would mean that after five minutes of inactivity, the work log would no longer track hours.

Yesterday, the PM mentioned above, clicked on a closed project to review the details, and then left it open in an unused tab for a few hours. In the end, three hours of PM time was tracked to that PM and to that project.

Is this a bug? An error? Or are we using it wrong? Why wouldn't it time out after 5 minutes like the settings said.

Does anyone else have any experience with this? I haven't noticed this before, so is it possible that something changed with version 7?? Any suggestions? Do we need to train our PMs to close tabs after they are used so the time tracking works?


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New Views and Filters

Bartosz Gumuła (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 8 months ago • updated by Sancho Leath 8 months ago 8

Currently, in XTRF there are a lot of Smart Views that exist by default.

Together with our Product Owner, we decided that it's time to verify their usefulness and see which ones you are using the most and which you rarely find beneficial.

Please let us know what are your needs and expectations from Smart Views around the entire XTRF platform and where you would like to see improvements.

In that particular topic we would like to focus on a default set of views and its filters so please share any ideas that you have.

Side Note: If you find any of the ideas below useful, you can easily implement them in your system. Here is a lesson in XTRF Academy done by my colleague Maciej


In-house staff profile

Popie Matsouka 10 months ago • updated by Viktor Mizsei 10 months ago 5

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

I have a general question about how you usually handle in-house profiles of vendors.

Do you add rates, like you would with external collaborators, or do you leave those fields empty?

My question mainly revolves around what we would call "business expenses" (or would it be "internal expenses"? Not sure).

An example of what I mean: In our company, all of our PMs are also translators and/or reviewers. Which means that at least one task in each project is usually assigned to them. At the moment we do not add "Payables" in relation to those tasks, and in effect we don't have a clear idea of the "costs" these tasks represent for the company. (We used to calculate, roughly, each person's salary in relation to their weekly hours). Now we would like to have a clearer image on what each employee is costing the company, when it comes to those tasks, if that makes any sense.

How do you handle such things? Do you use rates per person, or have a general cost in mind?

Thanks in advance!