Hey, here's an idea, create an annual XTRF user conference!

Jaime Zuniga 5 years ago updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 4 years ago 3

I think that an XTRF user conference is an idea whose time has come. We could get to meet your team, share tips and tricks, network between LSPs and translators, have master classes à la memoQfest, see use case presentations, etc.

What do you think?


See you in Krakow in 3 weeeks, Jaime!

Dreams do come true ;)


Lukasz is back! If I had known that, I would have made plans to join the Summit  ;o)

Thanks Sancho, very kind of you :) It would be nice to meet in person and the tickets are still on sale, you know ;)