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Roadmap question

Robrecht Belien 6 years ago in Something Else 0


I see more acticity on user echo now than 1 year ago. We were told that version 9 would be arouns user echo suggestions.

Still, the most upvoted request have the "suggestion" status. 

If none of them get's the status "planned" or something people will stop sending in suggestions.

Personnally I'm not very motivated on posting a lot of development ideas because of this reason.


Idea for a future development

Daniel Tufeanu 2 years ago in Something Else updated by J_N 2 years ago 3

Dear colleagues,

Having just switched organisations, I have worked with a different custom made java-based app (only for assigning interpreters to meetings or otherwise add/change their programme). In the other app, there was no difference between language varieties. 

While I see the use of having language varieties separately in XTRF (as it's indeed needed, especially for localisation projects or marketing/branding materials), I find it extremely limitating that that the "general" language doesn't include it's varieties. 

Exact example: 

I wish that, when searching for vendors with DE, to be able to see everyone having DE, DE-DE, DE-AT, DE-LU, DE-CH. Same for French, same for English and so on. This would be very intuitive in my opinion, without having to click on all language varieties, and you would still be able to search for a specific variety if needed. 

Do you think other key users would find this development useful? If so, could this be implemented? 

Best regards,



XTRF Summit - recordings for those of us that can't attend?

Thijs Senten 5 years ago in Something Else updated by mark 4 years ago 16


Unfortunately I can't make it to the Summit, and I have noticed that I'm not the only one, so I was wondering if you were planning on recording the sessions to make them available to users afterwards.

The topics include things that I would gladly learn more about, so it would be very nice if these sessions could somehow be shared with the pitiful souls like me that won't be there in person.



XTRF bugs and process of fixing them

Alexandros 5 years ago in Something Else updated by Deals Voucher 3 years ago 10

Hello everyone,

I thought I should start this topic since I have seen several other people in various threads unhappy with both the number of bugs introduced in new versions as well as the time it takes to fix these. 

The purpose here is not to vent our frustrations about the various issues, but to see if people agree both that there are serious problems with the bugs as well as propose ways to better address these in the future.

For example, my main problems/issues with the process are:

  1. Obviously, lack of testing before a version is released
  2. There is not a "current list of bugs" for each version available here or anywhere else, which means we are wasting time double checking if something is indeed a bug, creating tickets, providing documentation, ways to replicate, etc., while someone else has done that already. A simple "I am experiencing this same bug" button would work better and save time both for us, as well as XTRF who have to go through multiple tickets for the same bug.
  3. Resolving tickets seems to take forever. Major bugs should be resolved quickly, but sometimes we need to wait for months(!) before a fix is available
  4. On a number of occasions, support staff has misunderstood the ticket (although it was very clearly explained, with screenshots, steps to reproduce, etc.) which meant at least a couple of wasted weeks before they got on the right track to addressing the actual issue
  5. The way of contacting support is unproductive. We send a ticket, they reply a couple of days later with a question, we reply immediately, they reply a couple of days later with another question. Things which would have been resolved in no time if there was direct communication (chat, skype, video call, anything), take days or weeks

What do you think? Do you experience these issues as well? Do you have any more to add? Any ideas on how to improve things?


Hello Everyone

First of all, I just want to say that I understand your frustration. I'm a user or various systems, IT tools and applications as well. Every once in a while my phone OS forcesme to update and instead of a thrill about new features, I feel the fear of what will be broken ;)

Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit :) And I'm not writing this to make any excuses, I just want to notice the fact that issues and bugs in the IT systems are not XTRF unique feature.

We're continuously working on improving the quality of the system.

Regarding the points from Alexandros post:

Ad.1 I'm afraid that's not true. 

Every single improvement in the production cycle is tested in reference to the usage story and its specifications. The issues we find at that stage are fixed before the release. Additionally, before releasing every new system version we carry out the stabilization of the system. It is time when we execute several hundred manuals and several hundred automatic regression tests on the version that is about to be released.

Unfortunatelly it this does not ensure the complete absence of errors because it's hard to predict all possibilities and scenarios. But again we're doing our best, our tests database grows continuously as we add new test scenarios. We're working on making more and more test automatic which would make it more reliabe and would shorten the stabilization time (quicker release).

Ad.2 At first glance it might look like a valuable feature, but ... First of all, in most cases description of an issue requires examples of steps to reproduce etc. that means client sensitive data which we simply can't publish. Wasting time to rewrite and anonymize the description of the tickets issued by our clients is probably the last thing you'd like for us to do.

Please trust on this to a person who spends several years digging through the list of current and resolved issues to find if the issue I'm experiencing was already reported or at least there was something similar reported by someone else in the past.

The XTRF support might look for you like not the best but actually is the most optimal way in this case. 

Ad 3. All issues reported have their priority before we can fix the Major we need to take care of the Criticals and Blockers. Aside from that, it's hard to predict if an issue is easy to solve. One issue can be easy to fix and it takes few hours while some other more complicated.

Ad 4. This is something wre're continously working on with internal and external support staff trainings.

Ad 5. I'm sorry if it feels like it takes ages to get a reply from the service desk. We're doing our best to make it shorter.

Best regards,


Will be answered

Ideas for future webinars

Sancho Leath 6 years ago in Something Else updated by Robrecht Belien 6 years ago 9

Where can we post suggestions for future XTRF webinars? We appreciate the newsletter feeds and videos prepared by XTRF. Personally, we would be very interested in the following topics, particularly for webinars with an interactive Q&A:

- Best practices for Smart Projects

- Use of API to boost productivity

- Use of macros to boost productivity

I am sure other users would be happy to add a few topics to the list.


Is it possible to create a Quote Template just like Project Templates?

Buğra Önen 4 years ago in Something Else updated by Monika 4 years ago 4

We are looking for ways to create Quote Templates as we need to quote for some of our customers for every project and as these are multilingual projects, it is quite time consuming to select languages one and providers every time.

To save some time, we are using "copy task" function but as we are using different providers for each language - it is not very effective at all.

Does anyone have an issue like this before and if so, would be able to come up with a solution?

Under review

XTRF for Sheets Add-on not refreshing automatically.

Pedro 6 years ago in Something Else updated by PedroMaturaFigue 6 years ago 6

The new Add-on for google sheets is great, especially the auto refresh that is supposed to refresh the sheet every hour. Unfortunately, I have found that it does not refresh every hour and I have to manually refresh it. For example, I went into my sheet today 7/11/2018 and it had not refreshed since 7/9/2018. Is there a solution to this? 


Integrating Hubspot CRM with XTRF CRM

Mostafa Tarek Mostafa 6 years ago in Something Else updated by Cindy Berzanth Legarth 2 years ago 6

Our business development team has been using Hubspot CRM for a long time and we want to know if there is a way to integrate the data they have on Hubspot CRM with XTRF. something that doesn't require manual data entry.


Integration with QuickBooks Online - do you map fields for PayPal address or other payment info?

Meghan Cooper 6 years ago in Something Else updated 4 years ago 10

We have the integration with XTRF and QBO, and are wondering how others with the integration get information like PayPal address, bank account information for ACHs, or other payment information to their accounting team. We made a custom field when vendors sign up with PayPal as their payment method (in Invoicing tab) called "owner email," and thought that would be nice to map to the "Account No." section of their QBO vendor data. When we do bill payments on QBO, the info in Account No. is used for the "memo" section, and then we can make an easy-to-manipulate report for that day's payments to use for the required file format to upload to PayPal for batch payments.

XTRF and other users, do you have any recommended best practices for this, as well as other payment methods? Is there the possibility of a payment-related field from the vendor profile mapping to QBO in future versions?

Under review

Third-party integration - Zoho CRM

Popie Matsouka 7 years ago in Something Else updated by anonymous 3 years ago 10


concerning third-party integration, I see that XTRF is currently compatible with QuickBooks, etc.

Would an integration with ZOHO CRM be possible? What would be needed, for that to be implemented?