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Ideas for future webinars

Sancho Leath 4 months ago in Something Else • updated by Robrecht Belien 4 months ago 9

Where can we post suggestions for future XTRF webinars? We appreciate the newsletter feeds and videos prepared by XTRF. Personally, we would be very interested in the following topics, particularly for webinars with an interactive Q&A:

- Best practices for Smart Projects

- Use of API to boost productivity

- Use of macros to boost productivity

I am sure other users would be happy to add a few topics to the list.

Under review

XTRF for Sheets Add-on not refreshing automatically.

Pedro 3 months ago in Something Else • updated by PedroMaturaFigue 2 months ago 6

The new Add-on for google sheets is great, especially the auto refresh that is supposed to refresh the sheet every hour. Unfortunately, I have found that it does not refresh every hour and I have to manually refresh it. For example, I went into my sheet today 7/11/2018 and it had not refreshed since 7/9/2018. Is there a solution to this? 


Close and reopen buttons for service desk tickets

Angelo 11 months ago in Something Else • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 11 months ago 2

If I could close and reopen my tickets without having to tell someone to do it for me, it would save a lot of time and emails. 


Thank you for this suggestion, Angelo, I am marking this as a Service Desk Improvement Idea and will take this into consideration during our periodic process review.


Tracking progress of jobs

Michal Shinitzky 12 months ago in Something Else 0


Is there a way of tracking the progress of jobs (either as a progress bar or just as a percentage display), so we can see at what stage each project is ?(if it has been started and what percentage of the job has been completed).

If not, is there a way to alert the PMs in 50% of the scheduled time has passed and the vendor hasn't completed 50% of the job?



What is the best way to test BIRT templates?

Thijs Senten 4 months ago in Something Else • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 4 months ago 4

We have been working on our own document templates which is going fine. However, the way we test them now is to upload them into XTRF and do a preview. This is quite tedious when we need to often test if something works. Is this really the only way to test the templates, or does anyone have a better way?


Integration with QuickBooks Online - do you map fields for PayPal address or other payment info?

Meghan Cooper 9 months ago in Something Else • updated by mark 9 months ago 6

We have the integration with XTRF and QBO, and are wondering how others with the integration get information like PayPal address, bank account information for ACHs, or other payment information to their accounting team. We made a custom field when vendors sign up with PayPal as their payment method (in Invoicing tab) called "owner email," and thought that would be nice to map to the "Account No." section of their QBO vendor data. When we do bill payments on QBO, the info in Account No. is used for the "memo" section, and then we can make an easy-to-manipulate report for that day's payments to use for the required file format to upload to PayPal for batch payments.

XTRF and other users, do you have any recommended best practices for this, as well as other payment methods? Is there the possibility of a payment-related field from the vendor profile mapping to QBO in future versions?

Under review

Third-party integration - Zoho CRM

Popie Matsouka 11 months ago in Something Else • updated by mark 11 months ago 8


concerning third-party integration, I see that XTRF is currently compatible with QuickBooks, etc.

Would an integration with ZOHO CRM be possible? What would be needed, for that to be implemented?




Files/Folder Encryption

Jorge Villafuerte 3 months ago in Something Else • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 3 months ago 2

Some of our clients are asking to store their files encrypted, which XTRF doesn't do it by default, Will XTRF be affected if we use a tool like eCryptfs to encrypt Project Folders in the server.

Or what would be the practice that you recommend to comply with the encrypted storage.



Is there a way how to delete a process template?

Clarice M. 4 months ago in Something Else • updated by mark 1 week ago 8

Is there a way how to delete a process template instead of just making it deactivated? It still shows up this way and any duplicate process templates that were created by mistake or duplicate ones are useless. 

Thanks for your help.


Creating an invoice in another language

Maria Terilidou 6 months ago in Something Else • updated by Łukasz Kaleta (XTRF Product Manager) 6 months ago 1

For some of our clients we will need to create invoices in Greek, based on another template, although the default language is English. Could you please advise how we can do that?