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Sharing info through the vendor portal

Wim 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Suzanne 2 years ago 2

Hi, I was wondering if there is a solution for adding more info to the vendor portal.

I want to upload or share information such as how to use certain tools, style guides etc.

We could build a custom website for this, but it would be easier if this info could be included in the vendor portal where vendors can easily access it whenever they need to.

Under review

Vendors invoice $0.00 jobs

Ted 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Sancho Leath 3 years ago 7

Occasionally our vendors invoice us for $0.00 when a PM has forgotten to enter a payable for a project.  Is there any way for XTRF to prevent this?  (Seems like a great candidate for a checkbox somewhere in settings!)  The problem is that before the PM can move forward with making the correction, someone (me) has to locate *which* of the vendor invoices that charge is on, rewind the vendor invoice, and then delete that $0.00 receivable, then fast forward the vendor invoice.  It would be really great if there could be an option in settings to prevent vendors from invoicing a job for $0.  At least that way they could check in with the PM to see what's going on before creating a whole lot of work for someone else.



@Ted there's no safety like this in the system, if the Job is marked as Invoiceable, it will be available for invoicing.

The amount available for invoicing is payable, the same amount is presented on the PO, so we'd assume that 0 as the job Total should raise a red flag for a Vendor much earlier than on the Invoicing stage, for example when the Vendor starts the work on the job or receives the PO.

The Total of the job is always visible in the Job manager, so every time they work on the Job with 0 total, they should contact their PM.

Aside from that, on the list of jobs, you can create a View that could show you a list of invoiceable jobs in Started or Ready status that have 0 as a Total cost. Every project manager can have this kind of dashboard to monitor if there's something missing in the projects. 

One of the possible solutions here could be an automatic preparation of invoice specifications for your vendors. In the job selection filter where you could exclude jobs with 0 Total cost.


Vendor Portal: How to force vendors to use INVOICES tab

Victor Alonso Lion 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Sancho Leath 2 years ago 3

Any way to force vendors to use the INVOICES tab? 

and NOT the "Add invoice" in the "Jobs Completed" view from the Vendor Portal. 

(When clicking on Add invoice, the system does not seem to allow to combine those invoices and creates a single invoice for each job. We want to avoid that and force vendors to use the INVOICES part of the vendor portal)


Self-check checklist

Marcela 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Bogusław Reich (XTRF Product Owner) 2 years ago 6

Hello! Is there a way to incorporate a checklist in the Vendor Portal, so vendors can't "complete" a job until they have checked the boxes? For example "I have ran spell-check" and other options.



Number of incomplete vendor applications

Seyma Albarino 4 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 4 years ago 3

We're interested in seeing how many people have started applying via the Vendor Portal but haven't reached the final step of submitting their application or confirming their email address. Would anyone else also find this information helpful? 

Under review

Hourly resolution for vendor availability

Krisztián Király 4 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 4 years ago 3

Dear all,

Our vendors frequently indicate their short unavailability by registering a day of vacation and adding a message that contains the exact hours they won't be able to accept new jobs.

We feel that it would be really useful if they could indicate their availability on an hourly basis, not just days, as it would make their reporting easier, and our project planning more accurate.

What do you think, would such functionality be helpful?

All the best,



Weighted wordcount in Vendor Portal

Laura Jimenez 3 years ago in Vendor Portal 0


is it posible to display the Weighted wordcount in the Vendor Portal?


Vendors unable to upload documents after creating profile

Seyma Albarino 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 1

We've found that vendors can upload documents (CV/resume, tax documents, diplomas/certificates, etc.) while creating their profile, but once they've finished they can't go back and upload any documents. Someone on staff has to upload documents for them via the back-end. Is everyone else having this issue? Has anyone found a work-around, or is XTRF considering fixing this quirk? It would save a lot of time if we could ask vendors to log into their profiles to upload files instead of having to do it for them.


Account no and IBAN in vendor portal

Michal 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 4 months ago 2

There is a discrepancy between fields that a vendor can enter/edit from the VP portal and fields that are displayed in the HP.

Vendor portal: 

Vendor has mupltiple bank accounts for transfer in the HP:

Only 1 field is displayed in VP:

Multiple fields in the HP

While in VP there is only one field for "account number/IBAN" in HP there are two separate fields for account number and IBAN:

Change in VP in the field "account number/IBAN" is reflected only in the "account number". So while, the provider may expect that it is correnctly processed as he entered IBAN into that field, it usually results in mispayment unless all changes are double-checked.

If would make sense to make two separate fields available in the VP as well to reflex the HP

# account number 


I am also reminding that anybody with access to the Vendor contact person card in HP can login to VP as that vendor and have these details changed. 


Can vendors update their main email address?

Sol Lagomarsino 4 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 4 years ago 11

I find it surprising that vendors cannot update their main email address. I went through all the topics in the Vendor Portal Help Center, but didn't find anything. The only thing I found was this: "The e-mail address provided at registration is used for identification and notifications, it is not possible to change this." Could you please consider changing this feature?

It seems quite impractical. What happens when vendors want to change their main email address? Are there other options? I appreciate any help you can offer.



I believe this is because the email address is also the username of the contact person and so all the user data is linked to this email address. As Thijs suggests the best way is to create a new contact person and deactivate the old one. I tried it and all data inside the account will be visible in the same way to the new contact person.

Apart from doing that, you should also change the main email address under the provider and not only contact person. Go to provider's profile > Main Data > Address > Email address. 

This way the old address will be entirely removed from the profile and your CRM messages and notifications will go to the updated address.