New change in vendor profile waiting for acceptance

Magdalena 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Daniel Tufeanu 2 years ago 1


would anyone be interested in improving the way the Vendor Portal works in terms of accepting changes in Vendor's rates? 

Right now, the way it works is highly unfriendly. If you have a vendor with only a few rates - it's bearable, but if a vendor has multiple rates (we've got vendors with 100-200 items) and multiple price profiles, checking what that Vendor has changed becomes a nightmare. There's no highlight of what is to be checked, there's just a list of all rates before the changes and below a list of all rates after changes. So we end up with scrolling the page up to see the previous rate, and then scrolling the page down to see if anything's changed. Repeat that for each and every rate, one after the other, and try to stay sane. :)

It would be more than welcome to see an improvement here, in any way. It could be limiting the list of rates to those only that were changed or maybe marking somehow (bold font would be sufficient) what was changed (specialization, rate, calculation unit?). 


I fully support the idea of having all the changes highlighted, I think it would be a great development and not too hard to implement