Vendor Portal: How to force vendors to use INVOICES tab

Victor Alonso Lion 6 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Sancho Leath 5 years ago 3

Any way to force vendors to use the INVOICES tab? 

and NOT the "Add invoice" in the "Jobs Completed" view from the Vendor Portal. 

(When clicking on Add invoice, the system does not seem to allow to combine those invoices and creates a single invoice for each job. We want to avoid that and force vendors to use the INVOICES part of the vendor portal)

Huge upvote from my side. I requested this two years ago.

You can add more invoices after clicking the "Add invoice" button. 

Under "1. Jobs to be invoiced" there is an option "Add Jobs" and you can add more jobs to the same invoice. You do need to know the job numbers already though. 


Problem in the real world is that most vendors will not make use of this option and end up sending an invoice for each job, attaching the same invoice to each XTRF invoice record. This way you end up with e.g. 5 vendor invoice records (one record for each completed job) that all have the same invoice file attached. A nightmare for accounting ... and it happens all the time.