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Sharing Virtual Column Code

mark 1 year ago • updated by Wim 2 months ago 58

I'm just trying to find a place to share virtual column code...


Vendors invoice $0.00 jobs

Ted 2 days ago in Vendor Portal • updated by Sancho Leath 2 days ago 2

Occasionally our vendors invoice us for $0.00 when a PM has forgotten to enter a payable for a project.  Is there any way for XTRF to prevent this?  (Seems like a great candidate for a checkbox somewhere in settings!)  The problem is that before the PM can move forward with making the correction, someone (me) has to locate *which* of the vendor invoices that charge is on, rewind the vendor invoice, and then delete that $0.00 receivable, then fast forward the vendor invoice.  It would be really great if there could be an option in settings to prevent vendors from invoicing a job for $0.  At least that way they could check in with the PM to see what's going on before creating a whole lot of work for someone else.


Virtual Column / Custom Columns... are they consistent between implementations? Can we create a repository?

mark 1 year ago • updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 1 year ago 7

I've been thinking about virtual columns and how many I need to create, and how many others seem to need it also. There seems to be a lot of redundant work going on in this situation. So a few questions about this...

1) Are virtual column consistent among implementations? I mean, if I give someone my virtual column code, will it work on their system?

2) If so, would XTRF consider creating a library of virtual columns that we could access and use?

3) And would other users be interested in sharing and creating a code repository of some sort, that we could use and share among each other?


Who is on vacation today/this week?

Michal Shinitzky 1 year ago in Home Portal • updated by J_N 2 months ago 4


I would like to know how to create a display (on my dashboard or anywhere else) that presents who is on holiday today/this week/any other selected date rage.

Pls advise how to to do it, as I couldn't find instruction anywhere.


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Wrap up of memoQ projects after completion in XTRF

How are you XTRF/memoQ users handling the wrapping up of projects in memoQ? Currently there is no API command (to my knowledge) that allows XTRF to wrap up a completed project in memoQ. This leads to lots of unwrapped memoQ projects and therefore to lots of Working TMs as TM reference material in new XTRF projects.

So far we have had to ask our PMs to wrap up projects manually. PMs currently do this once a week to reduce the amount of Working TMs in XTRF, as the wrap-up action submit Working TM to Master TM in memoQ.

I had asked XTRF to incorporate a wrap-up API call from XTRF to memoQ when the XTRF project is closed, as this seems to be the most logical and practical time to run this action. However, I was told that this is not a common request by XTRF/memoQ users. Therefore, I would like to check with all of you in case I am missing something.

Thanks in advance!


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Best way to monitor status of many projects

We have been using Smart Projects for almost 9 months now and have found workarounds for most situations. But from time to time, we want to make sure we are not falling into bad habits, but instead are using the system as efficiently as possible. To this end, I wanted to get the community involved to see what you have found to be the best way to monitor the status and need for action for numerous projects at the same time, e.g. at least 50-100 open projects simultaneously.

So far we have used a hybrid approach of:

* List of open projects

* List of jobs due today or earlier

* Systematically adding an internal "project preparation" step to all projects, which we only set to Ready once all vendors have been assigned, finances are verified, and the project confirmation to customer has been sent out

While this works fairly well, it is surely not ideal. The main purpose of a project management system is to have a clear and organised overview of running projects and jobs. The Smart Projects Dashboard is, at best, a half-hearted effort to achieve that. And the Notification section in the top bar is not practical or reliable at this point (see other threads on this topic).

So as we wait for a better solution to be developed, what other ways have you found to be effective in keeping an overview?


How do you manage MTPE words in the Match Type Grid?

Aureliano 3 months ago in Home Portal • updated by Joanna 2 days ago 1

We have many clients that are using Machine Translation and we have to assign a rate for that Match Type both for clients and vendors. We use memoQ as our CAT Tool. XTRF is telling me that it is impossible to add a line to the Grid. How do you handle this?

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Ideas for future webinars

Sancho Leath 4 months ago in Something Else • updated by Robrecht Belien 4 months ago 9

Where can we post suggestions for future XTRF webinars? We appreciate the newsletter feeds and videos prepared by XTRF. Personally, we would be very interested in the following topics, particularly for webinars with an interactive Q&A:

- Best practices for Smart Projects

- Use of API to boost productivity

- Use of macros to boost productivity

I am sure other users would be happy to add a few topics to the list.


2 Factor Authorisation

Michal 9 months ago in Home Portal • updated by Jorge Villafuerte 9 months ago 3


what are XTRF's  plans with regards to implementing a 2FA login using a hardware token or any other 2nd factor authorisation?

How do other users secure login to the system? Do you limit login access to Home Portal from a specific IP or does anybody use any other ways to secure unauthorised login?


O365 Add on (Excel)

Robrecht Belien 1 month ago in Home Portal • updated by Laszlo Kovacs 1 week ago 9


I really love the google sheets add on to get the smart views.

Are there any plans to create the same for O365 (Exel) ?

If not I'm willing to develop it and maybe someone would like to help.