Language pair Any >> Any (DTP & other services)

Seyma Albarino 5 years ago in Home Portal updated by Brook Braithwaite 4 years ago 9

Certain vendors, especially agencies and DTP providers, tend to select "All Languages" as their language pairs, and this appears as Any >> Any in their XTRF profile. 

We've found that this seriously messes up our data because these vendors appear in searches when they really shouldn't: If we have a translation agency that specializes in Indian languages but has Any >> Any in their profile, they'll appear in a search for vendors providing ES > EN translation. 

Outside of getting the vendor to select specific languages, is there any way to work around this? (It would be very time-consuming for us to go in and modify all these vendors' language pairs.) Can we make sure vendors with Any >> Any don't appear in our searches? 


We would also need a filter to remove this option.
Since you have to add a language combination in order to set a price profile, any non-linguistic vendors have to have "any" as a language (for example DTP specialists). So even if it's not the vendors themselves adding the data, I don't have any other way to add someone's DTP rates, therefore, all our DTP specialists appear in all our searches.

Yep, this is the same issue we're having. Very problematic.



You could multiple-change these profiles to have a special category that you can then filter out by default in your searches.

We do however ask our vendors (agencies included) to select only the languages they actually provide. Since it's a "set it and forget it" situation, it's not that hard to convince them.


Same issue here, Vendors should have the option to select a Service they provide that is not linked to languages. actually this is possible in xtrf projects if you choose 'language independant' option, so if on one side we can create projects not linked to languages, Vendors, that will be assigned to this type of tasks, should be able to register on our respective databasis with the option to add a service not linked to languages such as dtp


Just saw this reply - I agree that if we can create projects with language independent services, there should be an option to add language independent services to a vendor's profile. 


Totally agree! Our filter and search results aren't optimal because of this.

When filtering the vendors, add in your view the Job Type selection field and add the required job type (Select translation, review or multiple), this way it won't show vendors with DTP job type. Other option is to set Job type as "is non of" as DTP, this way it will exclude DTP vendors. This works for all non-linguistic vendors, however, they cannot have an empty job type category or "any" for job type in their profile. 

The problem is that many of these agencies offer DTP in addition to translation and TEP, so they won't be filtered out by service.


Rather than changing everyone elses languages, edit the job type of those that have any-any languages set. I.e. if they are DTP providers, add any-any for the specific job type i.e. DTP. This way, they will only appear in all jobs for DTP. but not for translation.