Virtual Column / Custom Columns... are they consistent between implementations? Can we create a repository?

mark 7 years ago updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 6 years ago 7

I've been thinking about virtual columns and how many I need to create, and how many others seem to need it also. There seems to be a lot of redundant work going on in this situation. So a few questions about this...

1) Are virtual column consistent among implementations? I mean, if I give someone my virtual column code, will it work on their system?

2) If so, would XTRF consider creating a library of virtual columns that we could access and use?

3) And would other users be interested in sharing and creating a code repository of some sort, that we could use and share among each other?

Hi Mark,

We haven't explored the virtual colums world yet, good idea!

The Velocity code in V-Columns should work in all implementations. As a programming language it is so limited that you cannot actually do very sophisticated stuff with it.

We would be interested in knowing more on this. We use virtual columns quite a bit..


We would be interested in sharing. I think it would add great value if there was a repository.

I would be very interested in seeing other's virtual column code. We got the documentation from XTRF, but there are still some things that we have not been able to figure out, so could be cool just start a sub-forum on here where people could post their virtual column snippets.


I don't thinks this userecho is necessarily the best place for it, but it's the most logical place to start. I'll start a new forum until a better idea emerges.

It's not ideal, but it's a start...