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Vendor Portal API

Sancho Leath 3 years ago in API updated by Jussi Rautio 3 years ago 2

Question for all you API users. Based on API commands are not yet available for the Vendor Portal. Have you found any workarounds (scripted jobs, etc.) to pull data from the Vendor Portal?

Example: We would like to access the memoQ Handoff Package in the Home Portal. Currently it is only available on the Vendor Portal. Until XTRF makes that data package available in HP, we would have to use some automated workaround to give our PMs a break.

This is the end game we have in mind:

Create a Scripted Job in XTRF with the following actions as each T or R1 job is started:

- download and copy memoQ Handoff package from VP to corresponding HP project

- unzip this package and add contents of ProjectTM and ProjectTB subfolders to the started job as Reference Files

This way, we can finally have a workaround for all those vendors who do not use memoQ and rely on Project TM (.tmx) and TB (.csv) as additional reference material for the job. To make it more sophisticated the Scripted Job can be conditional based on the CAT tool entry in the vendor profile.


Please share an experience of the use of API

Svitlana (Proftranslation LSP) 3 years ago in API updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 3 years ago 20

Anyone use the access to API?
If so, could you please share an experience? For what purpose, what have you achieved with it, etc.?


OCR program connected to XTRF via API

Monika 2 years ago in API updated by Bartosz Budzyński 1 year ago 9

Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone was already thinking about connecting any OCR tool to XTRF via API? So it could work as an automatic action, and import for example a PDF and export editable format, like Word or HTML, etc?

I would be very grateful for any tips.




Sending commands through the API

Dennis Rosenbaum 3 years ago in API 0


I would like to know whether it is possible to execute Commands so that I can edit SMART projects the same way the XTRF code base does.

The javadocs don't cover all the Commands, neither does the API. As I do understand it would be a lot of work to make all the Commands available as a specific implementation. But it would be of real great use to execute a Generic Command.
Maybe for a command like this:


Executing the command as an API call like so: {apiUrl}/commands/{command-name}?arg[0]={argument0}&arg[1]={argument1}
So for this specific example: {apiUrl}/commands/MarkQuoteAsSentCommand?arg[0]=INIBY7QGPJBJLPF5MFJXRRKHCA

This way you don't need to provide full documentation nor creating a whole new interface layer for all commands. We could just look up the commands within the logs and execute them in this generic way.

Kind regards,

Dennis Rosenbaum


Change Job deadline for smart project

István Lengyel (BeLazy) 1 year ago in API updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 1 year ago 2

The API supports data manipulation functions on jobs in smart projects, like "PUT /v2/jobs/{jobId}/status" but there is no way to change the job's deadline with the API. Since deadline is an important information it would be great if we could also manipulate it via the API.


How to get details (unit, quantity, price) from customer invoice api?

erika.hohn 2 years ago in API updated by mark 1 year ago 9

I can't get details about the jobs using customer invoice api. I need information as unit, quantity and price and not only the total gross.


XTRF removes umlauts in memoQ project names

Jason Esch 2 years ago in API updated 2 years ago 2

When creating memoQ projects in XTRF, we've noticed that it strips the project name of accents/umlauts, but only in the project name in the PM dashboard, not in the project name in the segment metadata.

For example, we type 190301: Kunden A Geschäftsbericht 2018 | Ergänzungen in XTRF, which shows up in the PM dashboard in memoQ as 190301 - Kunden A Geschaftsbericht 2018 _ Erganzungen, but is 190301 - Kunden A Geschäftsbericht 2018 _ Ergänzungen in the segment metadata field "Project". All three are different

This makes searching for individual project TMs in the master TM in memoQ almost impossible because the TM editor requires the full project name as it appears in the segment metadata for the filter to work. 

memoQ think that XTRF strips the accents/umlauts intentionally because memoQ itself is capable of handling accents in the project name. Is there any way to prevent this? (At least until memoQ provide keyword searching in the TM editor filter dialogue.)


API Connection Advise

Michal Shinitzky 3 years ago in API 0


We are trying to establish a connection to XTRF's API.

We have tried first with the DEMO portal: but for some reason we get an error that we have no idea what causes it.

When we reach stage 3B - we got the following error:

"An error occurred while sending quote. Please check if API is online and if all files are not null." Can you advice what are we doing wrong?

I'll be also happy if someone, with experience with XTRF API connection can contact us to help us with establishing the first few steps.



API or Library(C#) avilable to integrate CRM with XTRF

Avinash 3 years ago in API updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 3 years ago 2

Hello ,I want to integrate my CRM with XTRF using API or Library so is this possible? if Pssoible then tell me api or Library name for intrgration 


Enable XTRF chat through the API

Dennis Rosenbaum 4 months ago in API updated by Bogusław Reich (XTRF Product Owner) 3 months ago 1

We have seen the new Chat functionality which pleases us a lot, and I think everyone here is pleased as well as it is a long awaited feature.

There is a problem though, the only way to enable the chat is through the Home Portal. It is also not possible to enable the chat later on, when the project is already created. This seems like a strange design choice as we live in an API first and modular software world.

We create loads of projects through the API and are therefore unable to enjoy the chat.

I have asked this question on the XTRF Help Center as well, this is their response: 'we are considering such an option in the future version of the chat but at the moment I'm not able to provide any details on when this would be implemented.'

So I would like to know if more of the XTRF users are in need of a way to enable the chat through the API. Please let me know and maybe the development of this feature can be speed up.


Hi Dennis. Following the feedback we received also from other Chat users, we will open this feature soon to all Projects and Quotes, regardless of their origin. This is expected in the next minor version already (i.e. by the end of this year). As a result, chat will be available also in projects/quotes created via API, Client Portal, QRF or custom connectors.

As a side note, since the feature has been designed in a way that it automatically invites vendors to chat rooms and workspaces, we thought that it may be a good idea to give the PMs more "manual" control over it. Hence the idea of "use XTRF chat" checkbox. Currently, however, we don't see it as necessary anymore. If a given LSP or client of ours decides to use our Chat, they usually want it enabled for all projects - and this is the direction we'll take.