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Vendor Portal API

Sancho Leath 5 years ago in API updated by Jussi Rautio 5 years ago 2

Question for all you API users. Based on API commands are not yet available for the Vendor Portal. Have you found any workarounds (scripted jobs, etc.) to pull data from the Vendor Portal?

Example: We would like to access the memoQ Handoff Package in the Home Portal. Currently it is only available on the Vendor Portal. Until XTRF makes that data package available in HP, we would have to use some automated workaround to give our PMs a break.

This is the end game we have in mind:

Create a Scripted Job in XTRF with the following actions as each T or R1 job is started:

- download and copy memoQ Handoff package from VP to corresponding HP project

- unzip this package and add contents of ProjectTM and ProjectTB subfolders to the started job as Reference Files

This way, we can finally have a workaround for all those vendors who do not use memoQ and rely on Project TM (.tmx) and TB (.csv) as additional reference material for the job. To make it more sophisticated the Scripted Job can be conditional based on the CAT tool entry in the vendor profile.


Sending commands through the API

Dennis Rosenbaum 5 years ago in API 0


I would like to know whether it is possible to execute Commands so that I can edit SMART projects the same way the XTRF code base does.

The javadocs don't cover all the Commands, neither does the API. As I do understand it would be a lot of work to make all the Commands available as a specific implementation. But it would be of real great use to execute a Generic Command.
Maybe for a command like this:


Executing the command as an API call like so: {apiUrl}/commands/{command-name}?arg[0]={argument0}&arg[1]={argument1}
So for this specific example: {apiUrl}/commands/MarkQuoteAsSentCommand?arg[0]=INIBY7QGPJBJLPF5MFJXRRKHCA

This way you don't need to provide full documentation nor creating a whole new interface layer for all commands. We could just look up the commands within the logs and execute them in this generic way.

Kind regards,

Dennis Rosenbaum


Please share an experience of the use of API

Svitlana (Proftranslation LSP) 5 years ago in API updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 5 years ago 20

Anyone use the access to API?
If so, could you please share an experience? For what purpose, what have you achieved with it, etc.?


Where is the full API documentation?

Dit Costa 1 month ago in API updated 1 month ago 6

For example, The documentation at ``https://----xtrf--u/api-doc#/home-api`` is lacking filtering parameters like `q.startDate=12345668008` on smart views endpoints like `/browser`. Is there a full api guide?


Google sheets add-on

felicia 12 months ago in API updated by Thijs Senten 12 months ago 16


What happened with the sheets add-on? That was an amazing tool.


Customer invoice payment status information through API

Thijs Senten 2 years ago in API 0

It seems the both the /accounting/customers/invoices & /accounting/customers/invoices/{invoiceId} API endpoints do not return a field with the invoice's payment status. The samen endpoints for provider invoices actually do.

Was this left out intentionally? And would it be possible to include this information in the response?

I know it's probably possible to get this information through a macro, but it's so much easier and cleaner if it could be included in the response, just like with the provider invoices.


OCR program connected to XTRF via API

Monika 4 years ago in API updated by Bartosz Budzyński 4 years ago 9

Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone was already thinking about connecting any OCR tool to XTRF via API? So it could work as an automatic action, and import for example a PDF and export editable format, like Word or HTML, etc?

I would be very grateful for any tips.




Petit improvement to Google Sheets Add-on & learning from it

Jose Uribe 10 months ago in API updated 8 months ago 6

Dear XTRF team and community,

I love the Google Sheets XTRF Add-on, and it would be great if:

1. You add to the "Autorefresh" option the possibility of defining the frequency of autorefresh. Currently is every hour, and would be awsome if that value could be entered by the user, or at least having some options, like: every 1, 6, 12, 24, 72 hours.

2. Also, if possible, would like to learn what would be the ideal combination of API requests for recreating the behavior that the Add-on performs? I am needing to do this to customise a bit my use of it and would really appreciate your guidance in this.



Tipalti to handle vendor payments - API?

Meghan Cooper 1 year ago in API updated 1 year ago 2

Wondering if anyone has experience working with this third party to handle vendor payments, and if you could share any experience using it and/or integrating with XTRF with the API. It seems possible, but I'm not sure. 


Obtaining Custom field definition through API

Karl 2 years ago in API updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 2 years ago 3

Searching through the API swagger, I'm not finding anything that would appear to give me the ability to query for custom field definitions. For example, a select list with name X that has N number options with the value/label pairs of Y[]

Is there anything like this?