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How to find memoQ project GUID via XTRF API

Bartosz Gumula 7 months ago in API updated by Ben Miller 4 months ago 6


I wonder if anyone knows the option to identify the memoQ project GUID through XTRF API - we would like to create a memoQ wrap-up automation, but I am struggling to find any way to do it.

I can see that we can extract the bilingual document ID, but I did not find any clear way to use it to find memoQ project.

Any suggestion, either from XTRF API or memoQ API is very much welcome!


API: CatLogFile->content for XTM receivable

Juan (Comunica Translations) 8 months ago in API updated 8 months ago 0


I am used to add receivables to a Project through the API for MemoQ.
But now I am facing a situation where the client's default CAT Tool, for the selected price profile, is XTM.

I normally add receivables through the endPoint: [POST][ProjectID]/finance/receivables

And this is the JSON regarding the catLogFile:

      "name": null, 
      "url": null, 
      "content": ";X-translated;;;101%;;;Repetitions;;;100%;;;95% - 99%;;;85% - 94%;;;75% - 84%;;;50% - 74%;;;No match;;;Fragments;;;Total;;\nChar/Word;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters\n0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;99;0;0;0;0;0;99;0", 
      "token": null

Would anyone be so kind to let me know the value for the property "content" when it comes to a XTM LOG File, please?

I have tried with the literal names that I can see in the XTM breakdown, but it doesn't work, I get this error:

    "status": 400,    
    "errorMessage": "Could not read CAT analysis file.",    
    "detailedMessage": null

{ "status": 400, "errorMessage": "Could not read CAT analysis file.", "detailedMessage": null}

Tthanks a lot.

My best regards.


API: in which endPoint can the project's client price profile be set/changed?

Juan (Comunica Translations) 9 months ago in API updated by IsmailMohamed 8 months ago 3


I was wondering if you could help me find in which endPoint the Client's price profile can be set/change for a project.
Looking at the API documentation, I am afraid it can be done, but then, what if you want to add a receivable for a diferent price profile than the one set by default for the client?



API: How to add custom fields for classic projects (type: selection)

Juan (Comunica Translations) 9 months ago in API updated by Nate 8 months ago 6


I was wondering if you could help me and give me an example on how to add a custom field to a project for a custom field of the type: SELECTION through the API.

In the API documentation I can see that this is the schema for the endPoint (PUT): /projects/{projectId}/customFields

    "type": "TEXT",
    "name": "string",
    "key": "string",
    "value": {}

But I don't really know what to set for the "value" property.
The custom field is a Single Selection type.

Thanks a lot.
My best regards.


Client Pricing support

Karl 10 months ago in API updated 10 months ago 2

Maybe I'm just not finding the API support that I'm looking for, but there appears to be very little API coverage for Client (customer) language pricing related items. 

E.g., how would I assign a pricing profile (list?) to a client? How to configure TM rates, type to a client? Where is the API support for providing new pricing profiles to the system? I could go on, but I get the impression this is a woefully under supported area through the API abilities.


API | Create a classic project: body code | log files

Juan (Comunica Translations) 12 months ago in API updated 12 months ago 1


I am trying to create my first Classic Project with the API and I keep getting the answe 415: Unsupported Media Type.

I assume this error comes due to a non-valid body sent to the endpoint: https://server/home-api/projects.

The thing is that I cannot figure out what's missing or what is not in the right format.
Before implementing the POST call in my code, I am trying to send the request with Postman, and this is the body that I am sending:

"customerID": 108,
"serviceID": 27,
"specializationId": 37,
"sourceLanguageId": 73,
"targetLanguagesIds": [84],
"name": "First project create from API",
"categoriesIds": [],
"inputFiles": [],
"dates": {
"startDate": {
    "value": 1680403200
"deadline": {
   "value": 1680613200
"actualStartDate": {
   "value": 1680403200
"actualDeliveryDate": {
"instructions": {
   "forCustomer": "",
   "forProvider": "",
   "internal": "",
   "paymentNoteForCustomer": "",
   "paymentNoteForVendor": "",
   "notes": ""
"people": {
   "responsiblePersons": {
      "projectManagerId": 21,
      "projectCoordinatorId": 21
   "customerContacts": {
      "primaryId": 0,
      "SendBackToId": 0,
      "additionalIds": []

Can anyone see a missing part or an invalid input?
I followed the schema shown in:

Another question would be that I don't seem to find the log that will tell me which is the exact issue with the request. Is there actually one?

Thanks a lot for your help.
My best regards.


Add CAT receivables and CAT payables for XTM, MemoQ,etc through the API

Juan (Comunica Translations) 1 year ago in API updated 1 year ago 2


I know that there is a way to add CAT receivables and CAT payables (Other type) through the API.
But did you find a way to add them for:

SDL Trados

Thanks a lot for you answer.

My best regards.


Petit improvement to Google Sheets Add-on & learning from it

Jose Uribe 2 years ago in API updated 2 years ago 6

Dear XTRF team and community,

I love the Google Sheets XTRF Add-on, and it would be great if:

1. You add to the "Autorefresh" option the possibility of defining the frequency of autorefresh. Currently is every hour, and would be awsome if that value could be entered by the user, or at least having some options, like: every 1, 6, 12, 24, 72 hours.

2. Also, if possible, would like to learn what would be the ideal combination of API requests for recreating the behavior that the Add-on performs? I am needing to do this to customise a bit my use of it and would really appreciate your guidance in this.



Tipalti to handle vendor payments - API?

Meghan Cooper 2 years ago in API updated by Chantal Luhr 4 months ago 3

Wondering if anyone has experience working with this third party to handle vendor payments, and if you could share any experience using it and/or integrating with XTRF with the API. It seems possible, but I'm not sure. 


Has anyone made a request to XTRF's API with axios? (401 Error)

Juan (Comunica Translations) 2 years ago in API updated by Bartosz Budzyński 2 years ago 1


I was wondering if any of you has made a request to the XTRF's API with JS and the AXIOS library.
I don't seem to get the headers configured the right way.

I have tried with postman (X-AUTH-ACCESS-TOKEN header) and the request works just fine.

Would you be so kind to share the code for the Axios GET request, please?

const headers = {
'Access-Control-Allow-Headers': 'x-access-token',
'Authorization': 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' }

const axios = require('axios').default;

.then(resp => { console.log(; })
.catch(err => { // Handle Error Here console.error(err); });

Thanks in advance.

My best regards.