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Wrap up of memoQ projects after completion in XTRF

How are you XTRF/memoQ users handling the wrapping up of projects in memoQ? Currently there is no API command (to my knowledge) that allows XTRF to wrap up a completed project in memoQ. This leads to lots of unwrapped memoQ projects and therefore to lots of Working TMs as TM reference material in new XTRF projects.

So far we have had to ask our PMs to wrap up projects manually. PMs currently do this once a week to reduce the amount of Working TMs in XTRF, as the wrap-up action submit Working TM to Master TM in memoQ.

I had asked XTRF to incorporate a wrap-up API call from XTRF to memoQ when the XTRF project is closed, as this seems to be the most logical and practical time to run this action. However, I was told that this is not a common request by XTRF/memoQ users. Therefore, I would like to check with all of you in case I am missing something.

Thanks in advance!


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Best way to monitor status of many projects

We have been using Smart Projects for almost 9 months now and have found workarounds for most situations. But from time to time, we want to make sure we are not falling into bad habits, but instead are using the system as efficiently as possible. To this end, I wanted to get the community involved to see what you have found to be the best way to monitor the status and need for action for numerous projects at the same time, e.g. at least 50-100 open projects simultaneously.

So far we have used a hybrid approach of:

* List of open projects

* List of jobs due today or earlier

* Systematically adding an internal "project preparation" step to all projects, which we only set to Ready once all vendors have been assigned, finances are verified, and the project confirmation to customer has been sent out

While this works fairly well, it is surely not ideal. The main purpose of a project management system is to have a clear and organised overview of running projects and jobs. The Smart Projects Dashboard is, at best, a half-hearted effort to achieve that. And the Notification section in the top bar is not practical or reliable at this point (see other threads on this topic).

So as we wait for a better solution to be developed, what other ways have you found to be effective in keeping an overview?

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Best practices for changed source documents

Sancho Leath 4 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration • updated 2 months ago 12

Customers will send changed source documents quite frequently. Even though we are experienced users of Smart Projects, we are not sure whether we are using best practices for such scenarios. Quite some time ago, we discussed the need for better handling of source document reimports (integrated with memoQ). Not sure where this is on the roadmap, which is why I would like to UE community benefit from this discussion.


(1) Integrated memoQ project with bilingual source documents already created, but translator hasn't started.

(2) Integrated memoQ project with bilingual source documents already created and translator has started, but not delivered.

(3) Integrated memoQ project with bilingual source documents already created and translator has started and delivered. Bilingual document is now with proofreader.

What is the best way to handle both file management and finances (receivables/payables) in these scenarios with the current Smart Project design?


SDL Trados Studio integration in Smart Projects - is it planned?

Reinis Straume (LMI:T) 7 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration • updated 7 months ago 6

Dear all,

I am aware that integration with Studio is now only available with classic projects. Is it at least planned to be integrated with Smart Projects as well? If yes, which update/when?

Thank you.


search on client VAT number

Jelle Maes 3 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration • updated by Alexandros 3 months ago 1

Is there a way we can search for a client's VAT number in XTRF? Some of our clients have a complex business structure, so that the easiest way to differentiate them from sister/child companies is by their VAT number. Can this be considered in the quick search in the top bar and be made available as a view filter (in client views obviously)?


*.ppt file extension and memoQ integration

Jelle Maes 1 year ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration • updated by Sancho Leath 1 year ago 11


As memoQ users, we currently lack the possibility to upload PPT files in our projects with file extension*.ppt (*.pptx files work fine). The PPT file filter does exist in memoQ, so when importing them directly into memoQ, it works. But it doesn’t work through the integration. Quite annoying for projects where the client uploads his material through customer portal and where an automated process is expected to complete the project. I discussed this with Kilgray first, and it appears to be available in the memoQ API though.

thanks for sharing your thoughts


I got good news from Kilgray. In short, importing ppt files via memoQ API (used by XTRF integration) will be available in the next release of memoQ Server (version 8.3 I suppose). After upgrading memoQ Server it should work out of the box (no XTRF upgrade necessary).

Here you can read the full explanation from Kilgray: 

As you have seen in the API documentation the support for doc, ppt and xls files was restricted, but this has changed in the meantime (doc and xls files would work already on your server). The ppt was an exception because we could not handle them without an installed copy of MS office.
The final technical difficulties were also overcome recently, and server side ppt import was enabled just during the last week.
Then next release will contain the modifications. A server upgrade will be required for them, of course.
We will update the API documentation as well, to reflect these changes.

How to avoid creating XTRF Temporary TMs during memoQ-XTRF integration?

Jaime Zuniga 1 year ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration • updated by S_P 5 months ago 5

How do we turn off the option to automatically create temporary TMs in a  memoQ project created through integration? We found that even if when the "Add Default Translation Memory if needed" option is unchecked, the temporary TM will still be created in memoQ.

I have created Selection rules for Workflow Resources, and the TMs are selected correctly in XTRF, but in memoQ, the temporary TM is always created and added as the Working/Master TM.


Compatibility with memoQ server 8.6?

Sancho Leath 1 day ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration • updated by S_P 1 hour ago 12

memoQ server 8.6 contained some crucial bug fixes. Before we upgrade our memoQ server from 8.5 to 8.6, could you please confirm compatibility? I know that XTRF Development was still working on some bug fixes in the XTRF-memoQ 8.5 integration. What's the update on that front?

Marek Joniec (XTRF Product Manager) yesterday at 1:27 a.m.

Hi Sancho

We're currently working on the compatibility tests and I can only say what Jamie already mentioned, so far so good.

It's not official support yet, because we haven't run all the tests we have for the integration.

Oficial confirmation shouldn't take more than 2 weeks, but this is just my raw estimate. 


Associated CAT project not deleted when deleting Smart Project in XTRF

XTRF 8 introduced the possibility to delete Smart Projects. When doing so, you're asked whether you would like to also delete the associated project from the CAT tool (in our case: memoQ); see screenshot. We have deleted several projects with associated memoQ projects already, using this option. However, in none of the cases was the associated memoQ project actually deleted. This seems to be a bug. Anyone else experiencing the same?


Provider selection rules (smart): how to show specific (non default) price profile?

Jelle Maes 1 month ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration • updated 1 month ago 4

Does anyone have a clue on how to make specific price profiles show up in the result list after applying a specific provider selection rule? Many of our providers have different price profiles with different prices (rates, match matrix,...) , but right now only the default price profile shows up in the list of the selection rule. 

We are currently using views to get the list of providers we want, but we're looking for a more fluent solution.

Two potentials solutions to overcome our problem are 1) make adding categories and/or custom fields on price profile level possible or 2) enable filtering on price profile names in the configuration of the provider selection rules. 

Bonus question: anyone upgraded to XTRF 8.1 yet?