How to implement MT/MTPE into fully automated CAT tool integrated project?

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Hi community,

Are there any memoQ integrated smart project users who implemented MT and MTPE into their processes?

Any chance to share insights on how you set up the automation part of it? We are aiming at a highly automated process, obviously.

Ideally we would like to have a separate process template for that, but CAT tool integrated process steps are reportedly not cloneable. So for now we'll work with regular CAT tool integrated process steps, mapped with the available roles in memoQ. This means we'll have to look into other options to automate: price profiles.

But here we stumble upon the roadblock of fully automated provider selection rules. We can filter on categories matching the correct provider, but unfortunately not the correct vendor price profile will be used... as job types from these steps are 'translation' and 'proofreading' which are used for regular translation and proofreading jobs in the default price profile.

Does anyone see or use another workaround that meets the "highly/fully automated" requirement?

Thanks a lot!

Currently (July 2019), best option to work with Machine Translation in XTRF is by creating a memoQ project with MT, saving it as a template, then using it in Workflow Definition (Classic Projects):

Or in Process Template (Smart Projects):

Here is instruction from memoQ how to configure it:


thanks for your prompt reply Mateusz. That's indeed the way we set it up in memoQ and is already covering the automation part in our CAT tool. But my question was related to the automation in XTRF and specifically to use vendor selection rules instead of manual vendor selection. 

Ideally we would like to have a cloned CAT tool process step that we can rename in XTRF and connect with a job type of our choice.

Hi, we are also looking to fully automate an MT only process for some clients. This would mean we only need to pre-translate the data in the CAT tool with MT, and need no human to check anything. Now, a CAT tool workflow needs at least one job mapped, but we would like to cut this step out and immediately deliver the data process by MT to the client.

Also, we would like to know if there is a way we can also make the quote for this automatically.

Ideally, the client would upload their data to the portal, the CAT tool analyzes the data and sends it to the receivable. If this step is complete, we want XTRF to automatically upload the Quote to the client. When they accept, the CAT tool should run the pre-translate process and deliver to the client.


Hi, we're also facing this same issue. We would love to be able to copy CAT tool process steps to have more flexibility in job type association in XTRF. We have price profiles with "machine translation post editing" services saved, but we can't associate these jobs to MemoQ process steps, unless we sacrifice one of the other job types associated with Translation / Review 1 / Review 2, which we don't want to do. How does XTRF recommend handling this?


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