SDL Trados Studio integration in Smart Projects - is it planned?

Reinis Straume (LMI:T) 6 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated 6 years ago 6

Dear all,

I am aware that integration with Studio is now only available with classic projects. Is it at least planned to be integrated with Smart Projects as well? If yes, which update/when?

Thank you.


It was requested on our Ideas forum, so please go comment and upvote it :)

We consider these ideas after new releases and decide which ones to develop for the coming version.

However, truth being said Studio is really hard to connect to, because of its lack of API.

GroupShare would be a much safer bet, especially now that SDL invests in its API and online editor.

Would you be equally interested in Smart Project integration with GroupShare?

Thank you, Lukasz,

It turns out I already had upvoted it when the idea was first posted. Sorry, UserEcho did not offer it to me when I searched for similar threads.

At the moment, we only have Studio, so GroupShare integration is not something we're looking for.

Is it equally difficult to tweak and implement the same technology used for classic integrations in the smart projects environment?

The two forums are not interconnected, but that is OK - we can have part of the conversation here, I guess.

May I ask, what use cases you are looking for? Just calculating the analyses? I think the limitations of the current Studio connector might be somewhere there.

Thank you, I did not know they are not interconnected.

Calculating the analysis (creating the project, transmitting the analysis to XTRF) and at least creating the initial project package.

Ideally, the whole cycle as in classic projects.

You can interconnect only 2 forums and we decided to go with the Knowledge Base one for Questions :)

While the whole cycle could probably work with one-language projects, it would be very hard to maintain a stable connection for multilingual projects.

When I now think about it, though, Smart Projects offer something called Scripted Jobs. They could probably be programmed to send and receive files from an external web service. If somebody could make Studio be available through such a web service, then pulling analysis or packages could be feasible. Food for thought, but more of a workaround than an actual integration.

Thank you your reply, Lukasz!