[XTRF - memoQ] prevent vendors from downloading source files

Pablo Estrada 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated 2 years ago 2

Hi all,

Due to compliance requirements we are looking for a solution to block source file downloads (in XTRF)  for vendors working on projects created through the integration. Has anyone found a workaround for this? XTRF Support confirmed this can't be manipulated from the integration settings.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


Dear Pablo,

I am not sure what is your case, but you can disable sharing a source file with a step in which the vendor is included, leave only a bilingual file, and whether the vendor can download the package is a setting that can be done on memoQ end. 

If you are unsure on how to change it, please create a new service desk ticket with my name included and I will be more then happy to take a look into that.

thank you, Bartosz

I will take this for discussion with my team and start a ticket if needed.