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Wrap up of memoQ projects after completion in XTRF

Sancho Leath 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration • updated by Mikołaj Pastuszko 1 year ago 9

How are you XTRF/memoQ users handling the wrapping up of projects in memoQ? Currently there is no API command (to my knowledge) that allows XTRF to wrap up a completed project in memoQ. This leads to lots of unwrapped memoQ projects and therefore to lots of Working TMs as TM reference material in new XTRF projects.

So far we have had to ask our PMs to wrap up projects manually. PMs currently do this once a week to reduce the amount of Working TMs in XTRF, as the wrap-up action submit Working TM to Master TM in memoQ.

I had asked XTRF to incorporate a wrap-up API call from XTRF to memoQ when the XTRF project is closed, as this seems to be the most logical and practical time to run this action. However, I was told that this is not a common request by XTRF/memoQ users. Therefore, I would like to check with all of you in case I am missing something.

Thanks in advance!


We were also at some point wondering about this. Since XTRF automatically submits the content of the working TM to our MASTER TMs (External System->resources in the project) we simply had our PMs use the "Update and confirm rows" function and the project in XTRF. We then batch delete the Working TMs after a certain period of time. I do agree project wrap up would be a good function to use as well.

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Good question, to avoid having to many working TM's we only use 1 working TM per client. This is not an ideal situation but it works for us. 

If memoQ would allow to share the project TM with the vendors and the project wrap up would fire on closing of the project in memoQ that would be ideal.

Thanks guys for your input. 

@XTRF: Anything to add to this thread? This must be an issue for all XTRF/memoQ integration users.


@Robrecht: So far we had set up working TMs on a per project basis, but this setup is killing us as it requires frequent manual action (project wrap-up) to avoid having a large number of working TM assigned to each new project. What are the downsides of your approach? You said it is not an ideal solution. In particular, what happens to the client-specific working TM as you wrap up a project? Is only that project-specific part of the client-based working TM submitted to the master TM but the working TM itself is left unaffected and active for all other pending projects? Would appreciate your further input before we start reconfiguring our setup.

@XTRF: Could you still post your recommendations based on the different setups you have come across? Furthermore, do you want to add a separate post about the final comment from Robrecht for the community to vote on, or are these topics already on your roadmap? "allow to share the project TM with the vendors and the project wrap up would fire on closing of the project in memoQ that would be ideal"


Hi Sancho,

Well the downside is that when you wrap up a project, the complete working TM gets submitted. We actualy don't wrap up our projects since memoQ doesn't allow you to do that in bulk. instead we "archive" our finished projects once a month by moving them to the recycle bin.

The issue we have now is that many working and master TM's are almost the same. So the working TM is actualy not being used correcly now. 

So we are also still searching for an optimal solution. The current situation works, but it doesn't fell right.

Under review

The best solutions we know to wrapping up the projects in memoQ have been already posted in this thread (thank you all for that!). We agree Automatic CAT Tool Project Wrapping by XTRF would be a useful feature and we encourage you to vote for this development idea and help us design the automation by answering the questions there. The more votes it collects, the sooner it will be available :)

As for sharing the project TM with the vendor, let's keep it as a separate discussion.

the first project wrap up issues threads were posted a year ago. Since then, I haven't seen any development at all.Please correct me if I'm wrong...  Are you sure this isn't just group therapy? We've noticed that manual wrap up in memoQ only works if the last step of our process template in XTRF(Review and Delivery) is still open. Once that step in closed and the smart project is closed, manual wrap up in memoQ doesn't work. Working TMs are not deleted and entries are not transferred to the master TM.

Have you try to wrap up a project before closing it in XTRF?

@Mikolaj, the solution Peter is describing (thank you Peter) is not a solution, it's a workaround which (even if it's very helpful) is something I wouldn't expect to do after paying for integration.
The fact that every user of XTRF with memoQ integration is unable to use memoQ 8 is also not helping... 

BTW theres wrap up on the API. The memoQ web service contains it, it's described on the PDF document on the web

Dear Gonzalo, You are right, support for triggering a project wrap-up in memoQ by XTRF hasn't been developed yet. For now, XTRF doesn't call wrap-up command at all. Indeed, the operation is available in memoQ API, but we focus on the most wanted (upvoted) issues first, or the ones required by a higher power, like the GDPR-related ones. We understand this particular functionality of integration is important to you and we keep an eye on the vote counter.

Now, going back to the issue you described, please note that the integration actions are triggered mainly by events related with the steps that are linked with a specific step in memoQ. There is limited set of such steps: Translation (linked with Translation step in memoQ), Editing (Review 1 in memoQ), Proofreading (Review 2 in memoQ) and Proofreading (Review 1 in memoQ for situations where the Proofreading follows the Translation directly). The names can be different, as they are configurable. Step type of a particular step in a process can be checked in "Step Information" section at the bottom of the sidebar when a step is selected in Process editor or Process Template editor.

As I can see, the "Review & Delivery for client" step in your XTRF is a regular step, i.e. not linked with any job in memoQ. Therefore, changing its status just can't influence the linked project in memoQ in any way. I hardly think status of this step is the cause of the problem. I would rather suppose it is a correlated observation. It might possibly be caused by an Automated Action on memoQ side which can affect the wrap-up action in memoQ. If I understand it right, you use Automated Actions to automatically update the Master TM and delete the Working TM when wrap-up is triggered. Could you please review and share your Automated Actions configuration in memoQ (here or in the support ticket you reported)? It might shed some light on the issue. I'll be happy to help