How to get language codes appended to translated file names?

Jaime Zuniga 1 year ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by Sancho Leath 1 year ago 3

I am just starting to look at smart projects and noticed that the language codes are not appended to the translated files in a smart project with memoQ integration. I do not see any info in the knowledge base on this.

Can anyone share how they deal with this?

Yes, sorry, I had forgotten about this discussion a while back. And I had already upvoted those ideas back then!

I suppose a workaround is for the PM to download files directly in memoQ, or if, as Sancho reported, our linguists download files from memoQ and upload these to the VP, which does not seem very smart to me.

The advantage of having the linguists handle the export step from memoQ is that they can be tasked with the final layout check. Of course, all depends on how many QA steps you want to have in your process.