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Vendor TM rate for different job types


Is there a way to set different TM rates for specific jobs?

For example, Translator A is a translator and does proofing as well. For translation jobs he has set default TM rates, that vary according to the match rate type (50-74%, 75-84% ...).

But for proofing all match types (50-74%, 75-84% ...) should be set to 100% of payment. XTRF automatically suggests his default TM rates and we have to manually change them to 100% each time. Is there any way around that?

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Is there a CAT Analysis import template available for non-supported CAT tools such as Smartling?

I am trying to get a Smartling CAT analysis imported into XTRF however as I understand, Smartling file formats are not importable at the moment. Is there an XTRF template I could use that I could fill in using data from a Smartling export? My objective is to avoid manual entry where I can so I would be automating the extraction of data from a Smartling export and into an importable XTRF template if available. 


Automatic Action - Fetch RTF

Peter Kolar 5 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated 5 years ago 4

Hi everyone,

We are using an Automatic Action in our workflow, which automatically fetches Two Column RTFs from memoQ. The problem with this autoamtic step is that if you reimport the document in memoQ (to apply special filtes), XTRF loses the GUID of the file and automatic action fails.

Does anyone use this function?

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Selection Rules for Workflow Resources - Different TMs for same client

Is it possible to add a workflow selection rule, that would select a specific TM from several TMs we have for the same client in memoQ-XTRF integration? The TM selection would depend on the project area.

For example:
We have 3 TMs for a client, but only need 1 of these for a specific project area. 


Price profiles for "hybrid" jobs (PE&TRA)

Thomas Mosley 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Thijs Senten 3 years ago 1


We often have projects with some content pretranslated both from the TM and other content from from MT.

We want to apply the providers' post-editing rate for "new words", but then the TM match rates are recalculated as a percentage of the new PE base rate. However, we want to apply the fuzzy and 100% match rates that are based off of a providers translation rate since translation of fuzzy matches is a different task than post-editing.

What solutions have you found for setting up the vendors' profiles so that this is done without having to manually modify the rates of each "hybrid" project?

Under review

Removing input source files from all tasks in one go?

I have a scenario where I receive source files for quoting purposes, and once that quote is approved, I then receive slightly different files for translation. Is there a way to remove all existing input source files in one go? I know that I can remove them manually at the task level, but in a project with many languages this process becomes very tedious.


There is no way to do this. I see your point, but the interface does not foresee such scenario. I could imagine a macro do that, though. You can batch-upload new files then, so perhaps it's worth it? 
Talk to your AM to request an estimate. Or, perhaps other folks here could help?


Upgrade to XTRF 8.1. Your feedback, experience so far? Any new bugs?

Peter Kolar 4 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Sancho Leath 4 years ago 12


We will be upgrading our XTRF from 8.0 to 8.1 and are wondering, if someone could share their experience with 8.1 so far. Were there any new bugs introduced, is there something we should be careful about? Something we should look forward to? :) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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Ability to have additional usernames in other systems, per job type

Jaime Zuniga 5 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Thijs Senten 5 years ago 2

I'd like to know how others are handling this scenario and what you think of our idea:

Using classic projects with memoQ integration, Iif we chose an agency as a vendor, say ABC Company, and we wanted to assign them in memoQ to separate roles, Translation and Review 2, using different usernames, we currently cannot do that since we can only specify one username per vendor for our external system. What would work great for us would be the ability to specify additional usernames, and tie them to a specific job type, or multiple job types.

So what we are looking to add would be the ability to specify additional usernames that would be tied to job types. In this way we could specify, for instance the Translation step, to username ABC.trans, and the Editing step to username ABC.edit, for a single vendor.



Under review

Solution to assign work to multiple users within an external SLV

Jose Palomares 5 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Chris Phillips 5 years ago 8

Posting this under "Classic" but also affects "Smart".

We have the following common scenario: we work with SLVs where we assign multiple jobs, let's say "Translation" and "Editing", to two different translators on the SLV side. They need to work at the same time and we want to know who worked on each segment/translation, so we need to have two distinct users for them in memoQ. However, from XTRF, each vendor can have only one set of credentials that can be passed onto memoQ.

One solution we can think of would be to let each of the contact persons on the Vendor profile have their own set of credentials. After all, each contact person has a full profile and access to portal, so the concept of multiple persons within the vendor already exists. It would only make sense that they could also be assigned to tasks and jobs individually.




Accessing word counts in CAT payable through macro

I have asked XTRF support already, but I'm also trying my luck here.

Does anyone know how to access the word counts in CAT payables for the specific CAT tools through a macro? I know how to do this for the 'Other' CAT grid and had a very useful macro running that changed specific word counts, but with the switch to the specific Memsource grid this doesn't work anymore and I can't figure out how to access and change the word counts in this new format.

I have a bunch of unhappy project managers that suddenly need to do a lot more manual work, so for me it's pretty much every minute counts...

Anyone have experience with this, perhaps with the other specific grids for MemoQ or Trados?