Advanced Job Offers

Thomas Mosley 3 weeks ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Bartosz Gumula 3 weeks ago 1

Has anyone rolled out the new Advanced Job Offers (part of XTRF Chat)? We are testing it, and it looks promising. Have you encountered any unexpected behavior or limitations? Any recommended Cascade settings that you would not expect? How have your PMs and vendors taken to these new job offers?


Hi Thomas,

I have tested the feature, but without the production roll-out so the feedback will not be robust. I would like to mention that I have only tested this on Smart Project

The test I have set up was 3 way cascade -

1. Preferred vendors
2.High Quality vendors

3. Anybody with qualification that matches the project describtion (will not be used most likely on production).

It went fine. We are planning on better testing in December and maybe a production roll-out in Q1 2024 so I will of course update you.

I was trying to figure out if there is an option to somehow remove already selected translators from proofreading or editing jobs, as this seems like a basic requirement for translation industry but to no avail, so I would say that this limitation is still there, despite an option to use custom fields.