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Account Data for contact person linked to client

Mounika 10 months ago in API 0


1) How do I specify the username as email while creating a contact person using home API?

2) How to edit the account data of a given contact person linked to client using API?


How to give my developer access to edit on macros while he is not Admin?

Ibrahim Morsy 10 months ago in API updated by Thijs Senten 10 months ago 5

How to give my developer access to edit on macros while he is not Admin?


JobID and Rest API

Norbert Grabowski 11 months ago in API updated 11 months ago 5


I'm looking for a way to get the job ID via Rest API. ProjectID and TaskID is easy. I'm trying to query the status of a job. All functions of the API regarding jobs require a JobID.
The call: https://xxx/home-api/jobs/156751 gives me the desired result for job 156751. Unfortunately I don't know how to get to 156751 via API

Best regards


How to get possible values for Custom fields?

lhorvath 1 year ago in API 0

I'm using the XTRF API and see the possibility to read and set custom fields from it, but I have found no endpoint which could return the possible values for it, is there a way to do this?

Thanks for your help.


How to access Department, Position, Categories, Industries, Specialization on the API?

lhorvath 1 year ago in API updated by Ben Miller 12 months ago 2

I'm using the XTRF API with clients, contacts and quotes but I was not able to find some fields or their possible values on the API.

How can I get the possible values (ids and labels) for Department, Industries, and Categories?

On Contacts API endpoints Department and Categories are missing, is there another way to get these?

On Quotes API endpoints I did not found Specialization, is there a way to get this?

Thanks for your help.


Paralell API requests provides incorrect date fields

Anonymous 1 year ago in API updated 1 year ago 4

Issue:  Random dates are provided for date fields, when simultaneous or parallel requests are made.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Take a view with more than 25000 records

2. Save the following file as, providing  appropriate values for VIEW_ID and DOMAIN and ACCESSTOKEN



rm $1

ACCESSTOKEN='Removed for security'

for (( i = 1; i < 4; i++ )); do


echo "https://[DOMAIN][VIEW_ID]&page=$i&q.task.quote.service=9&maxRows=1000&q.task.invoiceable=yes&q.startDate=from($2)"

curl -X 'GET' \

"https://[DOMAIN][VIEW_ID]&page=$i&q.task.quote.service=9&maxRows=1000&q.task.invoiceable=yes" \

-H 'accept: application/vnd.xtrf-v1+json;charset=UTF-8' \




cat $1_*>$1

rm $1_*


3. From the terminal run,

./ xtrfRequest1.jsonl 168048709288

4. From the terminal run again,

./ xtrfRequest2.jsonl 168048709288

5. Chech the diff of both files.

Expected Result:

Both xtrfRequest1.jsonl and xtrfRequest2.jsonl are equal and have the same records with the same fields.

Actual result:

Some records(Odds: 4 records in 3000) have their date fields modified to random dates.  For eg, xtrfRequest1.jsonl's 1 record maylook like

    "columns" : [ "268512", "28.02.2023 16:18 GMT", "Service", , "Closed" ]

and the same record  in xtrfRequest2.jsonl  may look like

    "columns" : [ "268512", "27.02.2022 21:15 BST", "Service", , "Closed" ]


- Only Date fields are affected

- Only some records are affected and the affected records are random.

- The dates seem to be put from another record, but it maybe completely random as well.


deleting project and/or quotes via api

Karl 1 year ago in API updated 1 year ago 4

This is really frustrating.

I'm writing integration tests for my xtrf frontend interface UI.

I'd like to build up a client, add a project or quote to it, delete the project/quote and delete the client, e.g., cleanup.

There's no provision for deleting a project or quote via the api, and I can't delete the client as there is now a project or quote attached to it.

What's up with this?


Awkward handling of contact addition to non active client

Karl 1 year ago in API 0

We had a recent discovery with a custom app that, as part of its workflow, creates a client contact if not already defined (by email) in the client.

This app failed to take into account the "status" state of the client and would attempt this regardless.

We found the home API is perfectly fine with creating a "person" with first name, last name, email against a "Potential" client. However, when an attempt is made to edit this new contact with mailing address through the client API will issue a access error.

This seems to be an disconnected decision. I would have expected to not being able to add the person in the first place. As this is, the app would create the contact but then failed trying to complete the process making a mess of the contact state.

How would I post a change request to the home API to change this behavior?


Set Client Project Number with API

Norbert Grabowski 1 year ago in API 0


I am currently using the XTRF API to create classic projects. In the graphical user interface there is an entry "Client project number" at the end. Is it possible to set the value via API? As I have seen it is not a custom field. 

Best regards


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How can we make Power BI reports with XTRF?

Florencia 1 year ago in API updated by erika hohn 1 year ago 7

Hello everyone,

We have just started implementing this tool in our company and we don't know how to merge our Power Bi with the projects, finances and all the data in XTRF. 

We were working in Excel before :(

Any ideas?

Thank you!