Is it possible to change the underlying process template while submiting project/quote via API?

Bartosz Gumula 3 months ago in API updated 3 months ago 2

Hi guys!

I am currently trying to streamline the process and was wondering if there is an option to switch the process that lays under the service.

The situation is: 

We have a service named "Translation" which includes this - translation done in memoQ.

The client would like to order a Translation + DTP - which is a bit different production workflow, but we do not want to create a service for each of the combinations of different steps. 

The ideal scenario would be for us:

The client orders translation and selects that he/she needs a DTP.

The quote in XTRF would still have a service "translation" but the steps that appear in the process would have translation + DTP template so our production team would not need to change it manually.

I don't see any way in the API documentation to change the process template via API after the project has been created. I think you can add jobs to the end of the workflow using the API, but if the whole workflow is different you might have to create a second service type that is tied to your other process template and specify that in the initial project create call.

Yeah, I had same thoughts but my aim is to have the least possible amount of services in the system in order to avoid the clutter.

I cannot find a way to add jobs via API, there is add job API call on the Project scope but the description suggests it does not work this way.

Even if it did, I would be worried about how the file categories would be assigned as we have a different way of file sharing depending on the process template and steps. 

Thanks for your input Nate, I will try to figure out some other ways!