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XTRF removes umlauts in memoQ project names

Jason Esch 5 years ago in API updated 5 years ago 2

When creating memoQ projects in XTRF, we've noticed that it strips the project name of accents/umlauts, but only in the project name in the PM dashboard, not in the project name in the segment metadata.

For example, we type 190301: Kunden A Geschäftsbericht 2018 | Ergänzungen in XTRF, which shows up in the PM dashboard in memoQ as 190301 - Kunden A Geschaftsbericht 2018 _ Erganzungen, but is 190301 - Kunden A Geschäftsbericht 2018 _ Ergänzungen in the segment metadata field "Project". All three are different

This makes searching for individual project TMs in the master TM in memoQ almost impossible because the TM editor requires the full project name as it appears in the segment metadata for the filter to work. 

memoQ think that XTRF strips the accents/umlauts intentionally because memoQ itself is capable of handling accents in the project name. Is there any way to prevent this? (At least until memoQ provide keyword searching in the TM editor filter dialogue.)


API Connection Advise

Michal Shinitzky 6 years ago in API 0


We are trying to establish a connection to XTRF's API.

We have tried first with the DEMO portal: but for some reason we get an error that we have no idea what causes it.

When we reach stage 3B - we got the following error:

"An error occurred while sending quote. Please check if API is online and if all files are not null." Can you advice what are we doing wrong?

I'll be also happy if someone, with experience with XTRF API connection can contact us to help us with establishing the first few steps.



API or Library(C#) avilable to integrate CRM with XTRF

Avinash 6 years ago in API updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 6 years ago 2

Hello ,I want to integrate my CRM with XTRF using API or Library so is this possible? if Pssoible then tell me api or Library name for intrgration 


getting the radzisz library.

Karl 4 weeks ago in API updated by Bartosz Budzyński 3 weeks ago 1

How/where can we get a copy of the xtrf radzisz java library so we can add it to our local development projects?


XTRF integration with QA tools

Kristine 1 month ago in API updated 2 weeks ago 2

Please share your experience - are you using some kind of API integration to connect XTRF to a QA tool? 

If yes, are you happy with the solution? Thank You! 


Is it possible to change the underlying process template while submiting project/quote via API?

Bartosz Gumula 3 months ago in API updated 3 months ago 2

Hi guys!

I am currently trying to streamline the process and was wondering if there is an option to switch the process that lays under the service.

The situation is: 

We have a service named "Translation" which includes this - translation done in memoQ.

The client would like to order a Translation + DTP - which is a bit different production workflow, but we do not want to create a service for each of the combinations of different steps. 

The ideal scenario would be for us:

The client orders translation and selects that he/she needs a DTP.

The quote in XTRF would still have a service "translation" but the steps that appear in the process would have translation + DTP template so our production team would not need to change it manually.


Account Data for contact person linked to client

Mounika 3 months ago in API 0


1) How do I specify the username as email while creating a contact person using home API?

2) How to edit the account data of a given contact person linked to client using API?


How to give my developer access to edit on macros while he is not Admin?

Ibrahim Morsy 3 months ago in API updated by Thijs Senten 3 months ago 5

How to give my developer access to edit on macros while he is not Admin?


API: CatLogFile->content for XTM receivable

Juan (Comunica Translations) 4 months ago in API updated 4 months ago 0


I am used to add receivables to a Project through the API for MemoQ.
But now I am facing a situation where the client's default CAT Tool, for the selected price profile, is XTM.

I normally add receivables through the endPoint: [POST][ProjectID]/finance/receivables

And this is the JSON regarding the catLogFile:

      "name": null, 
      "url": null, 
      "content": ";X-translated;;;101%;;;Repetitions;;;100%;;;95% - 99%;;;85% - 94%;;;75% - 84%;;;50% - 74%;;;No match;;;Fragments;;;Total;;\nChar/Word;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters;Segments;Words;Characters\n0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;99;0;0;0;0;0;99;0", 
      "token": null

Would anyone be so kind to let me know the value for the property "content" when it comes to a XTM LOG File, please?

I have tried with the literal names that I can see in the XTM breakdown, but it doesn't work, I get this error:

    "status": 400,    
    "errorMessage": "Could not read CAT analysis file.",    
    "detailedMessage": null

{ "status": 400, "errorMessage": "Could not read CAT analysis file.", "detailedMessage": null}

Tthanks a lot.

My best regards.


JobID and Rest API

Norbert Grabowski 4 months ago in API updated 4 months ago 5


I'm looking for a way to get the job ID via Rest API. ProjectID and TaskID is easy. I'm trying to query the status of a job. All functions of the API regarding jobs require a JobID.
The call: https://xxx/home-api/jobs/156751 gives me the desired result for job 156751. Unfortunately I don't know how to get to 156751 via API

Best regards