Where is the full API documentation?

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For example, The documentation at ``https://----xtrf--u/api-doc#/home-api`` is lacking filtering parameters like `q.startDate=12345668008` on smart views endpoints like `/browser`. Is there a full api guide?

Not everything is perfectly documented unfortunately.

But that's also what this forum is for ;) And there is always Jira.
Just let us know what you need to know and there is mostly someone that will know.


Thank you for the reply Dennis.

But, that's bad. It's not efficient at all. To know about a feature, I had to scourge through years of threads or ask here. Work that should've been finished in 30 minutes took 5 hours. If I knew all of the features beforehand, I could also think of a efficient way to solve a problem. 

@thijs senten here quotes a part of the documentation. May I know where this part or documentation is?

Could you also link me to Jira issues? Is it a open tracker or should I create a account?

Jira is linked XTRF and when adding a ticket, the communication will be between you and them. They didn't open it public, so they are private conversations/questions/etc. 
See here for Jira: https://jira.dev.xtrf.eu/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/user/login

You are sure right that it is not efficiënt. Welcome to the world of software :) Documentation is always behind, naming stuff is the second hardest task in software development, and legacy code is written yesterday.

The API does give you loads of information though, and it could also be handy to get the javadoc, ask your XTRF account manager for that one.

And last but not least, Mark started a nice thread 5 years ago, which could maybe be usefull for you: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/8/topics/633-sharing-virtual-column-code#comment-2372

I know documentation is lagging, but 5+ years after api release? Hiding parts of documentation or the issue tracker is not standard and a sure fire way to repel community developers and severely slow down any community development around the api. 

However, you've been really helpful. Thank you for all the information. I'll look into these.

Dennis is quite right :-)

The part of the documentation that I quoted can be found by expanding the API chapter:

Image 2477

That will give you this:

Image 2478

It's not always clear though that there is extra information, and often there isn't.

Oh Wow...  I was using swagger(https://editor.swagger.io/) as recommended by the docs, and the same button just hides stuff, but the server one at https://[DOMAIN].xtrf.eu/api-doc#/home-api showed all documentation including filters. Thanks. This solves most of the issues.