Vendor Portal API

Sancho Leath 6 years ago in API updated by Jussi Rautio 6 years ago 2

Question for all you API users. Based on https://xtrf.target-languages.com/api/doc/ API commands are not yet available for the Vendor Portal. Have you found any workarounds (scripted jobs, etc.) to pull data from the Vendor Portal?

Example: We would like to access the memoQ Handoff Package in the Home Portal. Currently it is only available on the Vendor Portal. Until XTRF makes that data package available in HP, we would have to use some automated workaround to give our PMs a break.

This is the end game we have in mind:

Create a Scripted Job in XTRF with the following actions as each T or R1 job is started:

- download and copy memoQ Handoff package from VP to corresponding HP project

- unzip this package and add contents of ProjectTM and ProjectTB subfolders to the started job as Reference Files

This way, we can finally have a workaround for all those vendors who do not use memoQ and rely on Project TM (.tmx) and TB (.csv) as additional reference material for the job. To make it more sophisticated the Scripted Job can be conditional based on the CAT tool entry in the vendor profile.

That is the exact question I also have :)


Currently it is only available on the Vendor Portal.

It's also available on the XTRF data disk, isn't it? There is no separate file system for the VP. As much as I would hate to access the data disk directly, could you just automatically create scripts that do the copying/unzipping directly from the file system?