Is "Multiple Change" available in Projects?

mark 5 years ago updated by Global textware (IT) 2 years ago 6

For some reason, I thought or assumed, it was an available option under the Smart Project views. But it seems to not be available. Would people be interested in having this added to our list of things we'd want to see happen?


I support any multiple change actions throughout XTRF. After all, it serves to reduce the number of mouse clicks, which is the first step toward increased automation.


It would be so great to be able to do Multiple changes in projects...


There's no built in solution in XTRF to mass change projects. This may be possible using macro, but you'd have to request it via your Account Manager or Help Desk.


Would love this added as a development idea


no news about this, right?

Sometimes we have a bunch of projects where we need to change a parameter in all of them and there is no way other than doing it manually one by one.


We would be very interested in this feature as well. We frequently need to make changes to a large amount of projects and it would be very useful if we could do so from a View, rather than having to open each project separately to make the change.