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Dear Ahmed,

Here are a video and brief explanation where and how to change the payment due date globally.

Its in the second part of first video!

I hope it helps!

Best regards,


Vendor Portal registration problem

When I share our vendor portal link with potential vendors to register the registration buttons in the main screen are pale (not active). I mean the "I'm a Freelancer" and "I represent a company" buttons.


Hello Osama, 

It has been fixed and works now. Sorry for the inconvenience. 



Project instructions not visible to vendors?

Clarice M. 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 3

When adding a project, there are 2 fields for inserting notes - Customer notes and Internal notes. I filled out both of these, however in the vendor portal neither of these fields are shown. I was wondering if there is any way where I can add instructions which are shown to the vendor in a similar field instead of attaching a file with instructions. At the moment, in the vendor portal, there appears the following message in the Instructions section 'There are no specific instructions for this job'.


Rate origin in Payable. How to change it?

cariere 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Bartosz Gumuła (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 3 years ago 1

Hi. I fulfill very accurate a Vendor X. in 2 different Project, it appear with automatically rate Y (as in Price profile), but in another project it appears Filled Manually....and I don´t know why. Read all the Knowledge base and watched all videos. I am desperate. I want by default to me automatically extracted from Price profile' the price. Please help.  


Invoicing vendor portal

Laura Jimenez 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 2


we wonder if it would be posible to hide the Invoicing Module in the Vendor Portal. We use a different system for this aim, and sometimes providers get confused.

is it posible to hide it?



Under review

How to add a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the vendor portal and automate the process?

Jan Hinrichs 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 1

Accept-ToS-option is in the signup process but won't show up in the the vendor portal. 

My questions: 

What is the aim of these ToS? Any template available?

Is there a way to upload a SLA to XTRF and force vendors to sign/accept it during sign up?

Ideally we would like to have people agreeing to a SLA during sign up and then have this stored on their profile. 

Anyone with a good working automated process for this here?


Vendors can't see/edit their Minimum Charge?

Jan Sundström 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Marcela 2 years ago 3

Hi all,

Vendors are confused regarding how they can enter or edit their standard Minimum Charge.
Our Vendor Manager can fill in this value on their behalf, but it seems that the field is not shown correctly in the Vendor Portal.
Is this intentional or a bug? It seems inconsistent that some rates are editable, but others are not even shown. To take the workload off the Vendor Manager, it would be useful if all price data was editable for the vendor (subject to approval of course).


I/O error while copying invoice file

Sol Lagomarsino 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 3 years ago 4


We had a couple of vendors asking about an error message they get when trying to create a new invoice. Please note the screenshot below:

What does it mean? Everything seems okay on our end, and there is no mention of this in the Knowledge Base.



Lack of information in the Vendor portal

Innovalang 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Laszlo Kovacs 3 years ago 8

It should be useful if vendors could see the volume of the job and the Project name in addition to the automatic code which is generated by XTRF.

Is it possible to add these informations in the job offer screen?