User cannot login onto the vendor portal

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i have had some queries from translators that cannot log into vendor portal, although their email address is updated and their status is set to "too expensive" or "potential". None of these is "rejected", which would make sense.

They access the link, introduce their email, try to reset pass, but nothing happens. 

They are prompted with a message of "user not existent" or such.

Can you please tell me why this happens?


Default settings may only allow Active vendors to sign in. But your case may be different - please contact our Service Desk providing more details, so they can investigate it.

Hello, thanks for this. Can you please give me an email address for your Service desk? i cannot log into Jira.


Just to clarify: Does that mean that any vendor with a status other than Active (see complete list below) is not able to access the Vendor Portal? Currently, our approach has been that newly added vendors that still have to be cleared for the core team are marked as Potential. This filter is used to prioritize Vendor Selection Rules when sending out the job offers. Thus, Potential vendors are given a chance to prove themselves until it is decided whether they will advance to Active or not (Rejected or Inactive).

That's how we work it too. I assumed that the status had no impact on ability to log in, it was only for our internal reference, filtering and sorting. Are we wrong or limit logging on by some statuses?


Mark, Sancho,

Sorry if I confused you with my hesitation. There are clients who still use our older Vendor Portal called Partner Zone back in the day. I was referring to that situation. The new VP that you use, lets anyone sign in - the status does not matter. It only matters in the HP when you use Selection Rules or look for someone suitable on a Vendors view.


I just looked back at my notes and we've had this problem. We've had at least three or so vendors that couldn't log in. However, in at least one case, we think what may have happened is the vendor somehow got to our Home Portal by accident rather than the vendor portal. In the Home Portal, if they try to log in, they get an error that says "user not existent" or something like that, which can frustrate the vendor, and make it really hard to support. We kept going back and forth with them not understanding why they couldn't log on. And it turned out to be human error.

Of course this isn't always the case, but it's something to check out and rule out if possible.

I just create new account but still can't login when I want to login it say

Incorrect login - User creation in progress. what is this mining.


maybe this is not the best place to post your issue. You are inside a thread that is 4 years old.

Did you try to contact XTRF through Jira? 

If you haven't done that before, maybe you should contact your client success manager.

My best regards.

Hello @Satria Darman, please contact us via Jira or write an email to success@xtrf.eu