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Macro/ Validation of vendor profiles

Pablo Estrada 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Viktor Mizsei 1 year ago 2

Hi all,

We are looking into alternatives to ensure that vendor data is in line with our requirements during the intake process. We currently ask vendors to select up to 3 specializations and limit the number of language pairs so the quality of data entered is good. Since not all vendors follow instructions, this has triggered a time-consuming (manual) verification process on our end that is now part of our regular maintenance. 

Have you used macros or alternate tools for vendor data validation purposes? Are there ways we can have more control of the data that vendors enter during their XTRF onboarding? 
Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.


Trying to update an email address for a Service Provider contact person linked to an account

Christiane Lueke 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Jan Sundström 12 months ago 1

A contact person of a service provider has changed their email address. 
When I try to change their email address, XTRF tells me it can't change the email address as it's directly linked to a vendor portal. Any suggestions on what to do here would be much appreciated :-|


Provider Evaluation in Vendor Portal

Laura Jimenez 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Małgorzata Pasicka 2 years ago 3


is it or would be posible to make a provider evaluate the workflow previous job in the Vendor Portal?

For example when there is Translation+Revision, we would like the Revisor to set the numbers of stars (evaluation) for the Translation.

Would this be posible?

Would someone else find it interesting or necessary?




Automatic Job Accepter

Jorge 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Barbara Ofiarzewska (XTRF Solution Lead) 2 years ago 2

I am having trouble accepting jobs since everytime they are advertised they are immediately taken by someone else. I suspect they use some sort of automated system to accept these jobs. How would I use one of those? Is there an existing solution to this?


XTRF-Memsource connection - how to connect the two projects?

István Lengyel (BeLazy) 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Thijs Senten 3 years ago 5

I'm working for BeLazy where we integrate, for example, XTRF systems with other XTRF systems. We have the use case of the Memsource integrated projects, where a vendor receives more than one task (translation, review) for each project. In Memsource every project is clearly identified by a URL. When we tried to create an XTRF project with Memsource integration, in the home portal it's fairly simple to open the project in Memsource, yet in the vendor portal we did not find the related information.

How do, how can vendors know which projects are in Memsource and which are not? And how do they know where to look in Memsource? Is it just the naming convention, or is there any other connection between the vendor portal and the Memsource instance? If it is just the naming convention, can we assume that everyone keeps the job ID there?


vendor registration page language

Wim 4 years ago in Vendor Portal 0


I was wondering if there is a direct link to the vendor registration page (/vendors/#/sign-up) for each language.

We are a Japanese company and usually people write their names in Japanese on contracts etc. But since they jump to the English vendor registration page, they all write their names in alphabet. We would like to avoid this by adding a link to our company's website that jumps directly to the Japanese version of the registration page. Maybe there is a prefix or so in the URL with the language code that would have them jump to the Japanese version?

I know you can change the language at the bottom right, but most translators also understand English and ignore this.


Vendor invoicing: Can a vendor apply a discount when they create the invoice in XTRF?

Hallo all,

let´s say we have issued a PO for 100 EUR to a vendor.

Can they issue an invoice with a 2% discount (e. g. for faster payment)? In other words, will their invoice be rejected if it doesn´t match exactly the PO amount?




Automatic emails not received

Dilyana - Omniage 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Meghan Cooper 4 years ago 6


My question concerns automatic emails with PO sent to the providers. The email adresses are correct, by default the emails are sent to the linguists with the project manager in Cc. The PM receives the email but it does not reach the linguist. This is the case with some of the linguists not all of them. Can you please let me know what could be the reason?

Thank you.


Error when vendor tries to sign-up

Anna Marava 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Bartosz Gumuła (XTRF Solution Architect) 5 years ago 1

Kindly see attached for reference.

This error pops up when a vendor tries to complete their registration.

How should I advise them?

Image 1179


After the last update, job sorting selection won't keep applied

ilgindmn 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 5 years ago 2
I usually sort the jobs by deadline and the jobs would stay sorted after I navigate between them and come back to the Jobs tab. After the last update (today), when I finish a job and come back to the Jobs, they are always randomized. So I have to sort them by deadline after every single job. Could you please fix this issue so that the applied sorting persists?

Image 1167