Trying to update an email address for a Service Provider contact person linked to an account

Christiane Lueke 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Jan Sundström 1 year ago 1

A contact person of a service provider has changed their email address. 
When I try to change their email address, XTRF tells me it can't change the email address as it's directly linked to a vendor portal. Any suggestions on what to do here would be much appreciated :-|


Old question, so I hope that you already got help.
But strange that XTRF didn't answer you here?!
I believe the correct way to do it is to inactivate the contact person first. This unlocks the e-mail field. 
You can then edit it, and must send out a "Welcome e-mail" to the new address. Once he has set his new password, the profile will be active again.