XTRF-Memsource connection - how to connect the two projects?

István Lengyel (BeLazy) 4 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Thijs Senten 4 years ago 5

I'm working for BeLazy where we integrate, for example, XTRF systems with other XTRF systems. We have the use case of the Memsource integrated projects, where a vendor receives more than one task (translation, review) for each project. In Memsource every project is clearly identified by a URL. When we tried to create an XTRF project with Memsource integration, in the home portal it's fairly simple to open the project in Memsource, yet in the vendor portal we did not find the related information.

How do, how can vendors know which projects are in Memsource and which are not? And how do they know where to look in Memsource? Is it just the naming convention, or is there any other connection between the vendor portal and the Memsource instance? If it is just the naming convention, can we assume that everyone keeps the job ID there?

Hi István,

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It may be too simple for what you're asking, but is this 'Open in Memsource' button what you're looking for? That appears with all workfiles that are part of an integrated project.

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This sounds jolly good and this is what we should see as well, but we don't see the Open in Memsource link. Do you have any idea why this may not show up? What needs to be set up in order for this to show up? We filled in a field of the provider called "Memsource Name" but that did not help. The external account is set up.


You probably need to check your workflow definition. For each job, you should have this setting under Files set to something that includes the CAT tool document links.

Let me know if you want more info - we could also do a quick call if that helps.

You're amazing! :) This saved the day! Thank you!

Happy to help, glad that it worked :-)