Automatic emails not received

Dilyana - Omniage 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Meghan Cooper 4 years ago 6


My question concerns automatic emails with PO sent to the providers. The email adresses are correct, by default the emails are sent to the linguists with the project manager in Cc. The PM receives the email but it does not reach the linguist. This is the case with some of the linguists not all of them. Can you please let me know what could be the reason?

Thank you.

If PM receives all emails without any problems and only some vendors are experiencing some difficulties with it I would suggest checking first vendors email boxes settings. Maybe their emails are classifying xtrf emails as spam or unwanted emails? Can you please suggest checking that? 

Thank you, Martina. I'll suggest that and will get back to you.

Hello Martina,

I checked with the vendors and all email settings are fine. They did not change anything but one day the issue just appeared out of the blue. This is the case with only two of our regular vendors who received the emails with no issues until now.

They checked on their side and we sent several test emails but vendors' IT team cannot find the reason for this.

Do you have any further suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


To be honest this is not XTRF fault in such case. Are there any common things for both vendors like email provider etc? 

Nothing in common, they are in different countries though.The one is []@legaltrans.gr and the other []@translations.org

We will keep searching the reason and try to consult IT specialist. Thank you anyway Martyna.

This happens to us from time to time, and we have not been able to find a consistent reason (occasionally it is spam filters but not always). The strange thing is when they receive the PO email but not the assignment instruction email sent at the same time once they win the job offer.