Provider Evaluation in Vendor Portal

Laura Jimenez 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Małgorzata Pasicka 3 years ago 3


is it or would be posible to make a provider evaluate the workflow previous job in the Vendor Portal?

For example when there is Translation+Revision, we would like the Revisor to set the numbers of stars (evaluation) for the Translation.

Would this be posible?

Would someone else find it interesting or necessary?




Dear Laura,

actually, there is such an option available for Smart Projects. If you go to the process template settings, you can choose the "allow provider selected for this step to evaluate" (here you  pick the step in question) -please see screenshot. For projects created on the basis of the template, the respective vendor will receive an evaluation form in their VP:

I'm afraid this option is only available for Smart Projects only, but I hope it does help a bit, does it?



Hello Malgorzata,

Thanks a lot for your reply. We will have a look to Smart Projects. Just one question now that I see memoQ in the screenshot. Is it posible the integration with SDL Trados in the Smart Project Workflows?



Hi Laura,

this was just a random process template, picked to show you where the setting is to be found.

Unfortunately, XTRF only supports Trados classic projects integration right now...