Vendor invoicing: Can a vendor apply a discount when they create the invoice in XTRF?

Veit Guenther 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Mateusz Trzeciak (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 5 years ago 1

Hallo all,

let´s say we have issued a PO for 100 EUR to a vendor.

Can they issue an invoice with a 2% discount (e. g. for faster payment)? In other words, will their invoice be rejected if it doesn´t match exactly the PO amount?



Dear Veit,

there's no Discount field to fill while creating an Invoice in Vendor Portal.
If Vendor decides to apply a discount on Invoice document he/she uploads to Vendor Portal, there's no automatic mechanism that could reject such a document. Uploaded Vendor Invoice will be visible in your Home Portal and can be verified by whoever is assigned to do so.