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Notification for translator holidays

Levent Yildizgoren 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Bartosz Budzyński 5 years ago 3

Hello, is there a setting in XTRF that sends notifications when a translator adds a holiday in Vendor Portal?

I know how we can check their availability but I would like to receive a notification when they add a holiday so I know about their holiday beforehand and I wouldn't need to check their holidays in their profile every single time.

Thank you!


There is no notification for such action. 

The point of tracking holidays in XTRF has always been to be able to display and compare who is available in a single view. 

Whether you are browsing them the main Vendors Browse, or within Select Vendor context for a single job, you can bring the column Availability to display and immediately see who is on and who is off on a given day. 

Sending notifications is a little problematic to figure out. Who should receive such notifications and what would you do with it? Should a similar notification be sent when someone calls off their holidays? 
You can't possibly remember all Vendors' holidays and when it comes to noting down their unavailability - well there's the Availability column to do exaclty that. 


LAST ERROR: 554 5.7.1

Mihai Petrescu 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 5 years ago 2


I try to send an invitation to a vendor to complete the profile as a translator and I get this back:

Your message(s) did not reach intended recipients.




SUBJECT: "Complete your registration!"

CREATED AT: 2019-04-01 14:52:11.424

LAST ERROR: 554 5.7.1 <> Relay access denied.

Any suggestions?



Question for Italian companies: vendors different and multiple tax rates

Raffaella 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Bartosz Budzyński 5 years ago 1

Hi there, 

we are setting up the software and we cannot find how to setup different rates for different vendors (4% INPS, -20% ritenuta d'acconto, +22% IVA). 

How are you dealing with this issue? 

Thank you in advance


Can a vendor pull out of a job they've already accepted?

Seyma Albarino 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 5 years ago 2

Within the vendor portal a vendor can accept or reject a job offer, but I'm wondering if there's a way a vendor can indicate to us that they can no longer complete a job they accepted. Currently, they can email us outside of XTRF, but is there a way to do it in XTRF? There doesn't seem to be a button for this. Would the best option be for the vendor to leave a note for the project manager?


Hi Seyma

I'm not sure if the note for the PM is the best option here. This note is available for the PM after Vendor completes the job in the Vendor Portal, so technically the Vendor needs to complete the job to push info that the job can't be completed. IMHO that would cause more trouble than its worth.

I think that currently, the safest option is an e-mail directly to the project manager.

Best regards,



Re-invite vendors to vendor portal

Kristine 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Marek Joniec (XTRF Product Manager) 5 years ago 1

Is there a nice way to re-invite vendors to the Vendor portal? We are going live any day now and have several thousands of vendors. SOME of them have been invited to the vendor portal during our testing and learning period. Sounds dreadful to sort manually through all of them to find who has been invited and who hasn't. Maybe there is a way to find them quickly? Thank you very much in advance! 


Hi Kristine

From the technical perspective, you can select all vendors on your list and send them the invitation to the Vendor portal. 

System will send invitations only to the contacts that don't have an active account yet, at the same time ignoring Vendors who already activated their account in the Vendor Portal.

So, in this case, I wouldn't focus too much on who is already using the portal, let the system deal with that.

Best regards,



Can we lock rates?


is there any way we can lock rates for vendors so that they cannot modify them when accessing their profile on vendor portal?



Yes and no. 

Vendor Portal has two options for making changes on one's profile: 

- changes allowed

- changes requested

You may keep the first option - Services - checked, so that a Vendor can request changes to their profile. Such request is then sent for review to the vendor manager (Head Recruiter) and locked until reviewed, making any further changes / requests impossible. 

If this is not enough, propose an idea on the Product Development Ideas forum for an improvement. 


Vendors' rates not displaying in vendor portal

Seyma Albarino 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 5 years ago 3

Hi all,

For the past few weeks we've had an issue where we can't see vendors' rates in the vendor portal. When a vendor requests a change to their profile, instead of a service and rate, we see the letter "f". Some vendors have also reported issues seeing rates in their own profiles via the vendor portal.

We were originally told that this issue would be fixed via the new update, but we're still dealing with it. Has anyone else had this experience? 



I'm afraid it is not available for testing yet. The link is a link to a mockup which we use to design and implement this new feature. 

It was published to gather your thoughts and feedback about how this feature might look when actually implemented.

Best regards,



Sharing vendor notes not working

Jussi Rautio 6 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 6 years ago 3

Is it just me or can someone else get the sharing of notes between vendors working as according to this:

I have enabled the functionality but the "Notes to other vendors" just does not appear on the vendor portal. Or is this available only in Smart Projects?


User cannot login onto the vendor portal

Codruta Rusu 6 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by kinga targosinska 2 years ago 10


i have had some queries from translators that cannot log into vendor portal, although their email address is updated and their status is set to "too expensive" or "potential". None of these is "rejected", which would make sense.

They access the link, introduce their email, try to reset pass, but nothing happens. 

They are prompted with a message of "user not existent" or such.

Can you please tell me why this happens?