Vendors' rates not displaying in vendor portal

Seyma Albarino 5 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 5 years ago 3

Hi all,

For the past few weeks we've had an issue where we can't see vendors' rates in the vendor portal. When a vendor requests a change to their profile, instead of a service and rate, we see the letter "f". Some vendors have also reported issues seeing rates in their own profiles via the vendor portal.

We were originally told that this issue would be fixed via the new update, but we're still dealing with it. Has anyone else had this experience? 

We were just updated to version 8.0.18 after being told this would fix this bug. However, we're still having this issue.

I've reported it back to the helpdesk with a screenshot.

Problem solved - it looks like the update and clearing cookies worked. Thank you.