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XTRF-Memsource connection - how to connect the two projects?

István Lengyel (BeLazy) 3 months ago in Vendor Portal updated by Thijs Senten 3 months ago 5

I'm working for BeLazy where we integrate, for example, XTRF systems with other XTRF systems. We have the use case of the Memsource integrated projects, where a vendor receives more than one task (translation, review) for each project. In Memsource every project is clearly identified by a URL. When we tried to create an XTRF project with Memsource integration, in the home portal it's fairly simple to open the project in Memsource, yet in the vendor portal we did not find the related information.

How do, how can vendors know which projects are in Memsource and which are not? And how do they know where to look in Memsource? Is it just the naming convention, or is there any other connection between the vendor portal and the Memsource instance? If it is just the naming convention, can we assume that everyone keeps the job ID there?


vendor registration page language

Wim 5 months ago in Vendor Portal 0


I was wondering if there is a direct link to the vendor registration page (/vendors/#/sign-up) for each language.

We are a Japanese company and usually people write their names in Japanese on contracts etc. But since they jump to the English vendor registration page, they all write their names in alphabet. We would like to avoid this by adding a link to our company's website that jumps directly to the Japanese version of the registration page. Maybe there is a prefix or so in the URL with the language code that would have them jump to the Japanese version?

I know you can change the language at the bottom right, but most translators also understand English and ignore this.


Vendor invoicing: Can a vendor apply a discount when they create the invoice in XTRF?

Hallo all,

let´s say we have issued a PO for 100 EUR to a vendor.

Can they issue an invoice with a 2% discount (e. g. for faster payment)? In other words, will their invoice be rejected if it doesn´t match exactly the PO amount?




Automatic emails not received

Dilyana - Omniage 1 year ago in Vendor Portal updated by Meghan Cooper 1 year ago 6


My question concerns automatic emails with PO sent to the providers. The email adresses are correct, by default the emails are sent to the linguists with the project manager in Cc. The PM receives the email but it does not reach the linguist. This is the case with some of the linguists not all of them. Can you please let me know what could be the reason?

Thank you.


Error when vendor tries to sign-up

Kindly see attached for reference.

This error pops up when a vendor tries to complete their registration.

How should I advise them?


After the last update, job sorting selection won't keep applied

ilgindmn 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 2 years ago 2
I usually sort the jobs by deadline and the jobs would stay sorted after I navigate between them and come back to the Jobs tab. After the last update (today), when I finish a job and come back to the Jobs, they are always randomized. So I have to sort them by deadline after every single job. Could you please fix this issue so that the applied sorting persists?

Under review

Notification for translator holidays

Levent Yildizgoren 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Bartosz Budzyński 2 years ago 3

Hello, is there a setting in XTRF that sends notifications when a translator adds a holiday in Vendor Portal?

I know how we can check their availability but I would like to receive a notification when they add a holiday so I know about their holiday beforehand and I wouldn't need to check their holidays in their profile every single time.

Thank you!


There is no notification for such action. 

The point of tracking holidays in XTRF has always been to be able to display and compare who is available in a single view. 

Whether you are browsing them the main Vendors Browse, or within Select Vendor context for a single job, you can bring the column Availability to display and immediately see who is on and who is off on a given day. 

Sending notifications is a little problematic to figure out. Who should receive such notifications and what would you do with it? Should a similar notification be sent when someone calls off their holidays? 
You can't possibly remember all Vendors' holidays and when it comes to noting down their unavailability - well there's the Availability column to do exaclty that. 


LAST ERROR: 554 5.7.1

Mihai Petrescu 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 2 years ago 2


I try to send an invitation to a vendor to complete the profile as a translator and I get this back:

Your message(s) did not reach intended recipients.




SUBJECT: "Complete your registration!"

CREATED AT: 2019-04-01 14:52:11.424

LAST ERROR: 554 5.7.1 <> Relay access denied.

Any suggestions?



Question for Italian companies: vendors different and multiple tax rates

Raffaella 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Bartosz Budzyński 2 years ago 1

Hi there, 

we are setting up the software and we cannot find how to setup different rates for different vendors (4% INPS, -20% ritenuta d'acconto, +22% IVA). 

How are you dealing with this issue? 

Thank you in advance


Can a vendor pull out of a job they've already accepted?

Seyma Albarino 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 2 years ago 2

Within the vendor portal a vendor can accept or reject a job offer, but I'm wondering if there's a way a vendor can indicate to us that they can no longer complete a job they accepted. Currently, they can email us outside of XTRF, but is there a way to do it in XTRF? There doesn't seem to be a button for this. Would the best option be for the vendor to leave a note for the project manager?


Hi Seyma

I'm not sure if the note for the PM is the best option here. This note is available for the PM after Vendor completes the job in the Vendor Portal, so technically the Vendor needs to complete the job to push info that the job can't be completed. IMHO that would cause more trouble than its worth.

I think that currently, the safest option is an e-mail directly to the project manager.

Best regards,