How to set starting day of the week in HP/VP calendars?

Sancho Leath 1 year ago in Vendor Portal updated 1 year ago 4

Where do you determine for both HP and VP whether the week in the XTRF calendars starts on a Monday or Sunday?

I thought it was the interface language setting that would determine that, which does not hold true for the VP, at least.

Here an example for the VP with German as the interface language (Monday is the typical starting day of the week in German calendars):


In Home Portal you can modify week starting day by changing default system language. For example English US will indicate week starting day as Sunday but English will actually show Monday as first day.

In Vendor Portal such change is right now not possible, what I would recommend is to suggest system improvement.

Could you please move this to Improvement Ideas then, so others can upvote and discuss.

Personally, I am against linking start day of the week to a language, because the two can and should be independent preferences.

On the other hand, basic settings such as this one should be the same for the VP as for the HP. Please add to the growing renovation list of the VP. Thanks.

Most of the countries start their working week on Monday not Sunday (except from Muslim countries). This is definitely culture- and not language-dependent. The admin. should be able to decide that.

@XTRF: Is this already on the development roadmap? If not, could you please convert this to a product development idea? Thanks.