Macro/ Validation of vendor profiles

Pablo Estrada 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Viktor Mizsei 1 year ago 2

Hi all,

We are looking into alternatives to ensure that vendor data is in line with our requirements during the intake process. We currently ask vendors to select up to 3 specializations and limit the number of language pairs so the quality of data entered is good. Since not all vendors follow instructions, this has triggered a time-consuming (manual) verification process on our end that is now part of our regular maintenance. 

Have you used macros or alternate tools for vendor data validation purposes? Are there ways we can have more control of the data that vendors enter during their XTRF onboarding? 
Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

Pablo and I work together so I want to ask this question is a slightly different way. When vendors sign up in XTRF, we find that many of them select every specialization in hopes of getting more work. In our documentation, we say you can only have three specializations, our theory is if you have more than three specializations, you really have none. Well, many people don't follow this and it forces us to have a manual process to identify this data, follow up with the vendors, and try to clean up the information. Do others have this issue? If so, how do you deal with this?


I would create a macro to search for these vendors. I would run it with Zapier or rather with Power Automate (its much cheaper). And send emails for them.

I think you can build up three level system. First time a kindly email. Second time a stricter and for the third time remove every specialization and change it to general.

This whole can be down with three macro and a flow.