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Hourly resolution for vendor availability

Krisztián Király 6 years ago in Vendor Portal updated 6 years ago 3

Dear all,

Our vendors frequently indicate their short unavailability by registering a day of vacation and adding a message that contains the exact hours they won't be able to accept new jobs.

We feel that it would be really useful if they could indicate their availability on an hourly basis, not just days, as it would make their reporting easier, and our project planning more accurate.

What do you think, would such functionality be helpful?

All the best,


Yes, this would be very useful.

Thank you, Łukasz, both are great ideas and I've just upvoted them, but in my opinion, both threads are asking for something different than what I head in mind.

I believe that that the availability indicator should be more granular in case of vacations.

If we could set the workdays for vendors individually and see availability information in as many places as possible, it would be surely welcome. :)