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Change specialisation in Smart projects client portal requests

Robrecht Belien 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 2 years ago 8


Whe get quite a lot of requests from the client portal and the clients often indicate a completely incorrect specialisation. Currently we can't change it in the home portal.

Is there any way to change it?


Ok, so a quick solution is to change the quote status from Requested to Pending. It unlocks the languages & specialization dropdowns.

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Assignments in People card

Sancho Leath 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 2 years ago 9
I am posting this question here instead of via the Service Desk because it might be of interest to other Smart Projects users too. The People card is still a bit unclear to me. My questions are:

  • Where do you predefine the (a) Account Manager and (b) Project Coordinator so you don't have to do that for each project? I can find the setting for the Sales Person and Project Manager per customer.

    Example for Project Coordinator:
    We have PM team leaders for client groups. I would thus like to use the Project Coordinator for the team leader and the logged in user is automatically set to be the Project Manager for the newly created project. This way, the Project Coordinator can better monitor his team and, if requested, can be copied on certain project-specific correspondence in the notifications.
  • How do you differentiate between the client project contact who receives all project-specific correspondence and files and the client invoice recipient, if the invoicing contact is not centralised per client but is project-specific?

    The contact at the client's advertising agency is the project contact for correspondence and files, but the project confirmation should also be sent to the end client contact who will receive the invoice after project completion. Currently we have to add the end client contact who will receive the invoice (and is thus the principal contact for accounting purposes) as the Client Main Contact and the agency contact as Additional Contact. To avoid having to shift around who receives which communication and delete certain contacts from the notifications in edit mode, it would be much more elegant to divide up the Client Contact Persons in (a) Project Contacts and (b) Invoice Contact (which can be prepopulated with (a) but can be changed to differentiate between the two).


Set delivery date of previous step as start date of next in Smart projects

Adrián Flores 1 month ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 3 weeks ago 2

In Classic projects, we had the option to set the Delivery Date of one step as the Start Date of the following step. Is this an option in Smart projects? If so, how would one go one setting that up.



Hyperlinked text in job instructions

Sancho Leath 1 month ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by mark 1 month ago 5

Has anyone found a way to hyperlink text in the job instructions of Smart Projects? XTRF Customization claims this is possible, but I haven't found a way to make it work yet.

When adding a URL with or without https, or an email address, in the job instructions of the Home Portal, this is rendered as a clickable link in the Vendor Portal job instructions. But how can you render hyperlinked text in the Vendor Portal, e.g. "Click here for further details" (with hyperlink pointing to specific URL reference)?


Project Coordinator - Creation of Project

vanesa.potenzoni 3 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 3 months ago 2

When a new project is created, the person who creates it is assigned the role of Project Manager. Is it possible to change that from the Client's Profile? I would like to assign always the same Project Manager and same Project Coordinator to each individaul client, no matter who creates the project. Thanks!


Rule first in served: cascade every hour with the same vendors every hour possible?

I'dd like to send a request for availability to 5 internal vendors for a specific job in a smart project (validation of the quality check). Can I send the request to the users and (if they don't answer in time) repeat again the request with the same 5 vendors? again and again...

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Number of jobs: Zero ("0" versus " - ")

Seyma Albarino 8 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by mark 6 months ago 11

We've noticed that when filtering views to include the number of jobs a vendor has completed, there's an inconsistency in terms of how "zero" jobs are represented in the "Number of Jobs" column. We see "0" for some vendors and " - " for others. 

I can't understand why some vendors would have one shown versus the other. Do they indicate different things?

On a related note, it's very inconvenient to have "zero" jobs marked as " - " instead of 0. This makes it impossible to filter for vendors who haven't done any jobs yet (instead, we have to include them in a larger list of vendors and then sort the column by number of jobs to find those who haven't done any).


Null is on those, who never had jobs. 

Zero is on those, who had jobs, but they were taken away from them. 

The numbers are set by a periodic job running in the background, so anyone with 0 had another number for a while, which was then 'zeroed'.


Reject vendor invoice

Is it possible to reject a vendor invoice and send them an automatic notification to that effect, if the uploaded invoice doesn't follow the company specifications? 

So far, the only way I can see to do this is delete their invoice and then notify them via email. 


Feedback for XML file creator for Trados stats

Jan Hinrichs 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 2 years ago 3

Hi XTRF Community, 

At Beluga we have created a simple web based form to get stats from Smartling and other TMS into XTRF as XML files for the receivable and payables in Smart Projects.

Test server link:

Would be great to hear if this is useful for you too. Hope you like it and it saves some time. Your feedback is very much welcomed!

Here is a screenshot: 

It works out for us but Would be great to get 


Can I delete project files?

Ted 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Katie 2 years ago 5

We have a customer who requested that we delete their files after the completion of a project.  We were able to delete some of the files, but two remain.  How can I delete the remaining files?