How to accept just one language in a quote with multiple languages

Naroa Lasarte 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Cori Alcorn 2 years ago 8

Is there a way to accept just one language in a multilingual project quote? Can I convert it to a project, but just selecting the languages I want to work on?

That's a good question! I'm interested in the answer too.

It's a good question indeed. I was wondering if the Quote Task Confirmation could actually contain the "Approve" / "Reject" links - so that we send the Quote to the client from the Task level, and this way they would confirm each Task separately. That would be something very useful.

I think that's posible with this option:


Thank you, Laura, for showing how it is done in Classic Projects.

When it comes to Smart Projects, canceling / removing languages from individual jobs is the only way to go.

Yup, this works. I agree with Sancho though, allowing customers to do this would speed things up immensely. We often have to receive emails, resend revised quotes, maybe a couple of times before they accept. The ability for a customer to launch just several languages would be awesome.  The ability for them to come back to that quote and launch others later would be cool too, but probably not as large as a use case.


I would like to add this to the development ideas for smart projects:

Giving customers the ability to accept only certain languages. Or should I enter a new topic?