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File Categories

Katie 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Jesus Angel Morato Morato 9 months ago 5

We have some projects that don't work well with the available XTRF file categories:

Some examples are transcription projects, voiceover projects, and subtitling projects. It would be great to have the option to edit these, but we don't. Does anyone else deal with projects that don't fit these file types? Do you use the "Other" category frequently?


Bilingual Document
CAT Analysis
CAT Package
CAT Package (Return)
Filtering Rules
Formatted Document
memoQ Light Resource
QA Report
Reference File
Segmentation Rules
Source Document
Source to be Prepared
Translated Document
Translation Memory

Also there is a brewing discussion about categories - maybe you'll find it useful?


I don't think this forum is meant for promoting your own services.

No, these are examples of voice over and dubbing projects.