Add partial delivery dates to projects

Marcela 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 2 years ago 2

Hello! I have a project with multiple files that are due on different dates. Is it possible to set all these different partial delivery dates anywhere in the system? I have my start and end date, but can't figure out how to set partial delivery dates. Thank you!

Like a delivery time stamp next to the delivered documents in the Files card? Definitely see the need for that.

No, what I mean is if you can "divide" the period of time in which the translator is supposed to be working on a project in "subtasks" for each batch of files they are supposed to deliver, so I can set partial delivery dates for those batches. Otherwise it goes like this. I have to assign the project through XTRF with a final delivery date, but then I have to send the translator a separate email with the project schedule specifying on which date they have to deliver a specific file. I hope I am being clear.