How to modify "Client" field when project has already been created

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A project has been created and a wrong Client has been associated to the project.

Is there a way to modify the "Client" when the project has been created? 


It would be very good to be able to change the client after the project has been created. Clients keep telling us when the project has already been finished that we need to sent the invoice to antoher company, not always in the same group.

Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence for us well since we work with large company groups with different subsidiaries used for budgeting purposes.

The only workarounds we have found is for the PM to either invoice this project right away and make the client name change during invoice creation, or to add an Internal Comment for our accounting department to make the name change during our standard invoice creation process (this requires careful reading of the Internal Comments by the accounting department). The latter approach, which happens to be our standard process, is error-prone.

This happens to us too.

Our other related work around for this is we have created custom variables at the Client/Project level of Daily, Monthly, Review. Then we have three periodic jobs that run off these variables.

The first processes invoices every morning. - Daily

The second processes invoices on a monthly basis. - Monthly

The final sends a report to our bookkeeper who then manually reviews the invoices before they go out. - Review

Not ideal, but we at least are able to have the invoices that require review flagged in our system.

We have cases where a partner refers a client and fills a quote out on their behalf... That creates a quote for a client that doesn't exist. We'd love to be able to create the new client record and just update this field...


This was requested by Maria on the Ideas forum: https://xtrf.userecho.com/forums/1-product-development-ideas/topics/367-make-it-possible-to-change-the-client-and-service-also-after-a-project-has-been-created/ - the recent survey confirmed it is one of the biggest pains and we want to address it. More info will follow soon.

What I could also add as a workaround in this thread is for the cases when a new client record is created to merge it with the actual client that should be used.

Well, merging gives us problems with quotes and projects that cannot be found afterwards. So I wouldn't do that.


Please continue the discussion in the corresponding topin on Ideas forum. I would be thankful if you could comment on my question there.