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actual start date for projects from quotes with jobs that are ready

Robrecht Belien 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by WK Automotive 3 years ago 5


I have a question regarding the actual start date for a project that was started from a quote.

The current situation is: We receive a rfq, whe create a quote and some jobs in the process (file preparation jobs) need to be completed before we can do a wordcount and give the customer a price. So far so good. But when this client accepts this quote and places the order 5 days later. The project is created and the actual start date for that project is 5 days earlier. 

Shouldn't this date be the date that the customer places the order, or even better the date that the first action in the project is performed after the order is placed?



Under review

Quote can be understood as a project in its early stage.

Actual start date is captured with status change of the first job.

Where is that date used in your reporting? And, what do others think?

We use it for our "projects started today" views (to get the total agreed we started today). 

The PM's follow up on everything they need to start working on. And because we have PM's that only create quotes and others that only do projects it would be easy if the actual start date would be set to  the date the customer accepted the quote.

I would also be interested in what others think about this.

A periodic job can be created, which can set a custom field with this time. 

We have internal steps in our workflow that we start working on as soon as we set up the quote/project. Perhaps a trigger can be set for a step in the process template other than the first task?

In general, for us, the project start date would be whenever the project is started. So basically when the quote is accepted by the customer or when we create the project if the customer would not require a quote beforehand.

The first job would not be a good parameter as we always complete a first file preparation before providing the customer with a quote.