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Page refresh after canceling receivables and payables

Robrecht Belien 5 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 5 years ago 6


When hitting cancel in the receivables or payebles window a page refesh still occurs.

This was solved for the save button. It would be great if tis also gets resolved for the cancel button.

I thought this was long fixed, in version 7 already. Maybe reappearing as a "resurrected bug" in version 8?

in 7 it was still there. They fixed the "save" action in 7, but unfortunately not the "cancel" action.

Just checking this bug, and it's still there in 8.0.12.

@XTRF: Could you please apply the same fix to the "Cancel" button that you have already applied to the "Save" button in an upcoming patch?


@Xtrf: There are quite some minor releases now, I would think this is a small bug to fix with a big impact for us.

Under review

Unfortunately, this issue requires a major rework in the financial framework of XTRF.

We did what was possible by fixing the Save button previously.

We are now looking for a time slot when that rework of the Finance card could take place.

That is why I am keeping this thread Under review.

Sorry I can't bring better news.